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Japanese Rock Band Tricot Release New Single and Music Video ‘INAI’

Hot on the heels of the release of their last single ‘BAKURO’ in May, Japanese rock band tricot return with another new track, ‘INAI’, which is released today, Wednesday, June 2.

Download and streaming links:

The song was written for the Japanese drama series ‘Haru no Noroi’ (‘The Curse of Spring’). It is a killer tune whose lyrics flirt with a very human unbalanced madness, combined with the technical prowess and emotional musicality that is tricot's calling card.

On the same day, a music video for ‘INAI’ was released on tricot's official YouTube channel. In the video, tricot give a passionate performance in a mysterious space that features a large hole that is clearly symbolic of… something. This dark and seemingly bottomless void is connected to the craziness of the song – but you'll have to watch the video to the end to figure out what it all means.

tricot ‘INAI’ music video:

Comment from tricot vocalist/guitarist Ikkyu Nakajima
“When I feel I am trapped by some invisible force, I realize that it is not real, just a curse of my own creation. I wrote ‘INAI’ with this realization in mind. May everyone's curses be broken!”

In addition, tricot will also appear at Japan's largest outdoor rock festival, Fuji Rock Festival '21. With tricot's fiercely technical musicianship and their knack for unpredictable performances, it's sure to be an exciting show.

Japanese alternative rock band trico formed in the historical and cultural city of Kyoto on September 1, 2010. The band have developed an unusual and distinctive sound that consists of harmonic pop melodies and emotional vocals with complex rhythm. While they are sometimes referred to as a math-rock band, the members themselves are in fact not familiar with the genre; they have arrived at a unique sound of their own imagining.

tricot's concerts often sell out. They have toured in many countries around the world and successfully held a total of 109 shows overseas, including three tours of Asia, two tours of Europe, a supporting slot for Pixies in the UK, and further tours in the US and UK. These dedicated musicians have an active career and devoted fan base throughout the world.

Official website: https://tricot-official.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tricot_band
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tricot_band_jp/
YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/channel/UC8Xp4bKmRn8cmAzi0cc66KQ?sub_confirmation=1

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