Figurama Collectors Reveals the World's First Dragon Ball Super Resin Statue

Tokyo, Japan – June 13, 2020 – Figurama Collectors proudly presents the world's first resin statue based on Dragon Ball Super!

Goku VS Jiren Elite Exclusive Statue achieves new power levels as the first Figurama Collectors piece to feature LED-powered torso stands. Illuminated by glowing blue and red Ki, the stands explode with Easter Eggs from the Universe Survival Saga, including the shining 4-Star Super Dragon Ball and its wish-granter Super Shenron.

Four swappable torsos bring every phase of this multi-episode battle to life, from Goku's iconic Turtle School Gi and Jiren's red Pride Trooper uniform, to their most powerful states Ultra Instinct and the Burning Ultimate Warrior.

Charging an LED-infused Supreme Kamehameha, Goku rushes toward Jiren's Super Full Power blast. The Tournament of Power Arena and its spectator seats tilt beneath surges of flaring Spirit Energy from the contestants' rising Power Levels. Hovering in the background within the Mobile Temple of Zeno, the Omni-Kings witness the ultimate battle of survival between Universe 7 and Universe 11.

Limited edition worldwide, each statue includes an exclusive art print and autographed Certificate of Authenticity by Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab and 3D Artist Rodrigue Pralier.

Edition Size: TBA
Series: Elite Exclusive Statue
Release Date: TBA
Size: 1/6 scale - H 45cm x W 66cm x D 43 cm (H 18in x W 26in x D 17in)
Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab and 3D Artist Rodrigue Pralier
Includes: Four swappable torsos (Turtle School Gi and Ultra Instinct mode for Goku; Pride Trooper uniform and Burning Ultimate Warrior mode for Jiren); two LED-powered bust stands; exclusive art print
Materials: Polystone, PVC, LED
Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team
Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin
3D Artist/Sculptor: Rodrigue Pralier
Coloring Artist: Three Eyes Studio

Those interested in adding the statue to their collection are encouraged to join the wish list. Preorder date and pricing will be announced in the future.

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!

ABOUT FIGURAMA COLLECTORS: Figurama Collectors was born in 2015 from a lifelong passion for Japanese anime and American comics. We cater to pop culture art connoisseurs with high standards.

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