Robotech: Reconstruction Pre-Sale Now Open

Strange Machine Games Publishing New Robotech Game by Dr. Wictz

Pre-Sale Orders are now being accepted byStrange Machine Games for its new game, Robotech: Reconstruction by Dr. Wcitz.

Ideology & politics flare in the reconstruction period after the First Robotech War. Robotech: Reconstruction is a Variable Player Powers boardgame (like COIN or Root) for 3 to 4 players that plays in 2 hours or less. Choose one of four factions as you vye to shape the future of Earth. The Robotech Defense Force strives to maintain harmony between Zentradi Civilians by working to keep enough Zentradi Civilians content to prevent a massive revolt. Khyron, a former Zentradi officer who hates humans, seeks to rile up Zentradi Civilians to the point where they will join his rebellion. The Robotech Expeditionary Force contains what is left of the Zentradi military who sided with humanities during the first Robotech War. Breetai, their leader, anticipates future military threats to Earth, and is working to prepare Earth to defend itself by getting Earth's population to rally behind the Robotech Defense Force. The Anti-Unification League (AUL) is a collection of civilians tired of being under Robotech Defense Force martial law and is seeking to carve out cities independent of the Robotech Defense Force.

Robotech: Reconstruction is part of a series of Robotech boardgames and RPGs published by Strange Machine Games. Other Robotech games and RPGs include: Robotech: The Macross Saga RPG; Robotech: Brace for Impact; Robotech: Attack of SDF-1; Robotech: Cyclon Run; and Robotech: Ace Pilot.

About Strange Machine Games
Founded in 2011 as a small Role Playing Game, POD publisher. SMG aims to make the most dynamic and interesting Board Game & RPG products on the market, even if it means using strange machines to get there. In every SMG product, we aim to provide play experiences that provide a unique experience. SMG products are designed, not just created. Cogent consideration goes into every design decision to help craft a great experience in every aspect of the game, from the layouts, player interaction, to the content. We truly endeavor to bring you products that speak to your soul. We hope to win over the hearts of those who give SMG products a try.

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Robotech: Reconstruction is now available for Pre-Sale at Robotech: Reconstruction is a 3 to 4 player board game that plays in 120 minutes. The Pre-Sale Price is $35 + shipping.

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