Manga Artist Launches NFT Manga Universe Inspired by Cryptocurrency and Japanese High School Delinquents

Set to launch its first batch of NFT artwork on August 6, 2021 at 11 pm EST, B & B Bad Sisters is an exciting new
project that smashes together the worlds of cryptocurrency and Japanese high school delinquent manga.
• B & B Bad Sisters is the creation of professional manga artist Kazuo Maekawa (illustrator of the Phoenix Wright:
Ace Attorney manga adaptation) and writer/podcaster Tony Vega (Wasabi Magazine,
• B & B Bad Sisters NFTs are limited in number and only available for purchase at

About B & B Bad Sisters
B & B Bad Sisters is an original multimedia project inspired by the world of cryptocurrency. Created by manga
artist Kazuo Maekawa and writer/podcast producer Tony Vega, B & B Bad Sisters is set in Crypto Tokyo, an
alternate version of Japan's capital city where cryptocurrency is a normal part of daily life and gangs of crypto
obsessed teenagers are wreaking havoc.

At the center of the B & B Bad Sisters universe are sisters Moh and Kumako Homma. Also known by the aliases
of Bull and Bear, these two high schoolers are the only ones tough enough to restore peace to the city of Crypto

The B & B Bad Sisters universe will gradually be fleshed out through releases of collectible digital and physical
artwork. Produced by veteran manga artist Kazuo Maekawa, these pieces of art will be sold as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The art will shed further light on the characters of B & B Bad Sisters and the world they live in.
However, releasing digital art is only phase one of the B & B Bad Sisters plan. Development on the rich backstory
of B & B Bad Sisters is ongoing and options for a way to properly tell the epic adventures of Bull and Bear are
currently being looked into!

When designing the look and feel of B & B Bad Sisters and its characters, manga artist Kazuo Maekawa took
inspiration from both the world of cryptocurrency and Japanese popular media. Many B & B Bad Sisters
characters feature design cues and traits that are references to ideas and terminology familiar to anyone involved
in cryptocurrency. For example, the look and personalities of the titular “bad sisters” of Moh and Kumako Homma
are based on the bull and bear market cycles that characterize cryptocurrency market.

Another source of inspiration for Maekawa was furyō culture and media. Furyō is a Japanese term used to refer
to juvenile delinquents. In Japan the 1970s, '80s, and '90s were a particularly popular time for media centered
around juvenile delinquents. Manga and TV shows such as Be-Bop-Highschool and Sukeban Deka continue to
influence creators today, including Maekawa himself. Design elements that call back to furyō culture and media
can be found throughout B & B Bad Sisters. For example, Bull and Bear are sometimes depicted wearing face
masks. Female furyō—also sometimes referred to sukeban— are often depicted wearing face masks. This was
likely because they wanted to hide their identity rather than anything health related.

Real Name: Moh “Moh-chan” Homma
Age: 17
Blood Type: B
Likes: Practicing her bat swing
Favorite Food: A delicious meal of grilled beef after a hard-fought victory
Pet: Nana-chan, a scary looking but gentle bull that comes from a long line of bull sumo
Moh is literally and figuratively the bullish Homma sister. She's often seen wearing bull
horns and wielding a bat with a bull head on it. Her trademark smirk is proof of her
generally upbeat demeanor.
Moh is usually able to keep her cool but that doesn't mean she doesn't
enjoy letting her inner bull run wild. At the drop of a hat, Moh can
go from calm and collected to an unstoppable force of nature.

Real Name: Kumako Homma
Age: 16
Blood Type: B
Likes: Sleeping, teddy bears
Favorite Food: Anything honey-flavored or covered in honey
Pet: Hachinosuke, a bear who is not particularly smart but is totally loyal to Kumako.
Kumako considers him her only true friend.
The younger of the Homma sisters, Kumako is the one with the bear ears. Whereas
Moh is excitable and upbeat, Kumako is lethargic and cynical. Kumako would
much rather take a nap in a pile of teddy bears than deal with anything going on in
the outside world. However, after a couple of pats on the head of encouragement
from her sister, Kumako is usually ready to take on anything. Kumako's weapon of
choice is her trusty bear claw.

Kazuo Maekawa
Kazuo Maekawa has been drawing manga professionally for more than 20 years in
Japan. In the West he is best known for his work as the illustrator of Phoenix Wright:
Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney - Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, manga adaptations
of the wildly popular Ace Attorney video games.
When not busy drawing manga for publication in Japan, Maekawa enjoys sharing
his knowledge of manga with others. He is an experienced educator who has taught
classes and workshops on manga production techniques in both Japan and Hawaii.

Twitter: @ainomangaka
Tony Vega
A nearly lifelong fan of anime and manga, Tony Vega is the editor in chief of Wasabi
magazine, creator of the Japan-focused blog, and the producer of
multiple podcasts, including Japan Station, Ichimon Japan, and Transmissions from
Hawaii. After entering the cryptocurrency space in January of 2021, Vega quickly
became fascinated by it. This entry into cryptocurrency is what led to the conversation
with Kazuo Maekawa that resulted in the creation of B & B Bad Sisters.
Twitter: @TheVegaTony

Series 1 NFT Drop
The first series of B & B Bad Sisters NFTs will introduce the main characters of Moh and Kumako Homma, a.k.a.
Bull and Bear. This first series of NFTs consists of 27 pieces. They will be released in multiple batches over the
course of roughly two months. The first batch of NFTs will go on sale at on August 6th,
2021 at 11 pm EST.
Within this first series of NFTs, there will be two that will come with ownership rights to a physical version of the
artwork. These physical versions are printed on aluminum and hand signed and numbered by Kazuo Maekawa.
Shipping for these physical pieces will be included in the cost of the NFT. Instructions for how to claim the
physical print that is linked to these NFTs will be included as unlockable content that is only viewable to the owner
of the NFT.
For more information on the Series 1 release schedule, visit and/or the official B & B Bad
Sisters social media channels.
All purchases of NFTs are final. Buyer acknowledges that ownership of an NFT does not carry with it any rights,
express or implied, other than ownership rights of the NFT (the digital and/or physical artwork tokenized by
the NFT). Upon purchase, Buyer may access the digital file to view or print on any digital device for personal
use. Upon purchase, the Buyer receives the right to use, distribute and display the creation for non-commercial
purposes only. Commercial use is strictly forbidden with exception of resale without alteration or reproduction.
Unless explicitly stated, Copyright to the artwork and other reproduction rights remain with The Artist. In the
event the NFT is resold it is the seller's obligation to deliver the promised NFT and/or any physical artwork linked
to the NFT. If any issues arise between the seller reselling the NFT and the buyer, The Artist/original seller will not
be able to provide any assistance or compensation.

What is an NFT?
“Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. Examples include
collectibles, game items, digital art, event tickets, domain names, and even ownership records for physical
For more information on NFTs, you can take a look at the following article.
Everything You Need to Know About NFTs

How to Buy NFTs
All B & B Bad Sisters NFTs will be priced in Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum is a cryptocurrency. You must buy it from
a cryptocurrency exchange and then transfer it into a digital wallet such as MetaMask ( Once
the Ethereum is in your digital wallet you can connect the wallet to in order to purchase your desired
NFT. For more information on how to buy NFTs from OpenSea you may want to start by taking a look at this help
page on the OpenSea website.
Getting Started (OpenSea)

We will never contact you directly asking for cryptocurrency or offering to sell you NFTs privately. Currently, the
only online shop we have is All our official social media accounts are linked below.
Any pages or accounts no listed below, or linked to from our official website should be considered fake. Please be
careful of scammers and impostors. We take no responsibility for the actions of impersonators/scams.

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