Azur Lane Officially Licensed Fashion Items

Tokyo, Japan, Sep. 14, 2021 – SuperGroupies, a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games, is proud to announce our newest collection of items for Azur Lane. Our 9-item lineup of watches, bags, and wallets is inspired by HMS Sirius, USS Laffey, and IJN Atago. Donʼt miss any of the intricate details modeled after their in-game outfits and equipment!

*All purchases come with small pocket folders.
Illustrator SG-san has provided us with incredible new art exclusive to this collaboration.

【Product Information】
■ Sirius Model Watch
This multifunctional watch is inspired by Royal Maid and Dido-class light cruiser, HMS Sirius.
Comes with a shining silver strap reminiscent of her shimmering silver hair.
The dial features patterns modeled after her Royal Maid clothes, particularly the stripes and ribbons.

■ Laffey Model Crossbody Bag
This crossbody bag is inspired by Laffeyʼs clothes and ship parts.
The Eagle Union emblem is embossed on the front. A small battery-powered flashlight is attached to the shoulder strap, reminiscent of her searchlight.

■ Atago Model Long Wallet
This long wallet is inspired by Takao-class heavy cruiser, IJN Atago.
The exterior front design features a combination of her uniform colors and details, ship parts, and soft, fuzzy velour to represent her animal ears.

◆ Product Name : Azur Lane Collaboration Collection
■ Sirius Model Watch / Bag / Long Wallet
■ Laffey Model Watch / Bag / Long Wallet
■ Atago Model Watch / Bag / Long Wallet

◆ Pre-order Period :Available from Sep. 14 until Oct. 3 at 8:00 PM, 2021 (Pacific Time)
◆ Release Month :Watches in mid-March 2022
Bags and Wallets in mid-February 2022
◆ Price :Each Watch available for $200 before tax
Sirius and Laffey Bags each available for $130 before tax
Atago Model Bag available for $150 before tax
Each Wallet available for $110 before tax
◆ URL : collaboration-items
◆ Manufacturer :SuperGroupies
◆ Copyright :©2018 Shanghai Manjuu Technology Co.,Ltd & Xiamen YongShi Technology Co.,Ltd.
©2018 Shanghai Yostar Co., Ltd.

Please note: delivery times and price information are for the US/CAN only, and differ for products sold from our SuperGroupies Japan store. Please access our Japanese website for overseas purchases outside of the US/CAN.

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“Anime into Fashion!”
SuperGroupies is a fashion brand offering products inspired by anime and games.
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