Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka's Story Available Now on Johren

TOKYO, JAPAN - September 15, 2021

Shiravune has just released the erotic turn-based tactics RPG Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka's Story on Johren, with new English and Chinese localizations.
Play as the Onmyoji Sayaka, exorcising ghouls through turn-based combat by night and having sex to restore her magic powers by day. Shop and defeat enemies to collect equipment and purchase upgrades, then summon the right spirits for the job to your side to repel the next onslaught in strategic battle.
Featuring 15 different yokai to summon, and 18 steamy H-scenes to harden your army!
Don't miss the 20% launch discount!
An equivalent Steam release is scheduled for September 22, 2021, along with a surprise bundle. Wishlist now!

In a regional city in the present day, Sayaka Mimuro manages her family's Shinto shrine on behalf of her absent parents. Along with her childhood friend Haru and a talking furball (rabbit?) god, she lives a peaceful life, but when an earthquake strikes, aggressive spirits suddenly appear and her world is torn apart.
Sayaka receives divine tidings that the only one who can save the city is herself—she's actually an Onmyoji with the power to vanquish spirits! However, in order to unlock her powers, she must first perform certain rituals with a man...
"...If I'm the only one who can do it, then I guess I have no choice!"
Sayaka is bewildered to say the least, but her natural sense of justice gives her the resolve to fight...
"There is only one person I can ask to do this and that's you, Haru... Please?"
With no one else to turn to, Sayaka asks a confused Haru to be the male partner she needs for her rituals. With his help, Sayaka finally unlocks her battle-princess powers to wage war on the spirits that ravage her city...

Name: Sayaka Mimuro / Voice: Yui Sakakibara
"Nothing is impossible if you give it your all."
A hardworking and beautiful girl with a strong sense of justice. Although Sayaka herself doesn't know it, she's descended from a line of Onmyoji sorcerers, and the powers of exorcism slumber within her.
She was brought up to be responsible, and she'll never abandon anyone in need. She also tries to see the best in every situation—even the bad one that her dutiful nature has gotten her knee-deep in now.
When it comes to love, she has as much of an interest as anyone else, but the shrine work she does in her parents' stead has always kept her too busy to date.
Weapon: Spirit Sword

Title: Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka's Story
OS: Windows
Players: Single-Player
Developer: Debonosu Works
Publisher: Shiravune
Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Johren (09/15/2021), Steam (09/22/2021)

Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka's Story: $19.99 USD / 1999 Johren Credits
*The game is launching with an additional, limited-time 20% OFF sale for two weeks.
*Steam prices may vary slightly and are subject to regional pricing.

ABOUT Shiravune
Shiravune is a Tokyo-based visual novel localization team dedicated to bringing Japanese games to a wider audience in English and Chinese. Shiravune's localization & publishing portfolio includes the samurai mystery Master Magistrate, the supernatural horror/romance Iwaihime, PC versions of the tactics-RPG visual novel Utawarerumono series and the hyperkinetic rush that is Marco & The Galaxy Dragon. Follow @shiravune on Twitter for the latest announcements.

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