Maika Loubté Releases 'Show Me How (Kan Sano Remix)' Announces Forthcoming Lucid Dreaming Album

Tokyo based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Maika Loubté releases a newly reimagined remix of one of her most popular tracks “Show Me How” from renowned Japanese producer, Kan Sano on September 22, 2021. This ethereal remix maintains the similar emotion of the original track, while giving it a new life by adding light, youthful, and percussive energy. Kan Sano, a keyboardist, remixer, and producer who has worked with many artists across Japan is one of the most important figures in the country's music scene today.

Last October, Loubté released the original version of “Show Me How” to coincide with a national advertising campaign for Mazda's MAZDA MX-30 new car model that featured the song and Maika herself in the TV commercial. With a unique approach through her music, Maika expresses the challenges and importance of communication which has resonated with audiences throughout Japan and abroad making “Show Me How” a hit amongst her fans and one of her most streamed songs to date.

About the new remix, Maika comments, “'Show Me How,' with its introspective lyrics and analog texture, was remixed by Kan Sano to give it a youthful and hopeful energy. As the world continues to battle through challenges in 2021, I hope this track can bring everyone around the globe some light and make them want to dance into a new era.” Kan Sano adds “I never thought I would be remixing one of my favorite songs from last year! Since I love Maika's song so much, my challenge was not to tamper with the arrangement too much. I can't quite surpass the splendor of the original, but I think I was able to create a different expression of 'Show Me How.' With Maika's voice being so special, I was reassured that no matter how the song was reworked, her vocals would make the track turn out just fine. Through the remixing process, I realized once again the beauty of the melody and lyrics in her songwriting.”

Maika also has a new music video which accompanies the remix that was filmed in one take at the Institut français du Japon in Tokyo.

Show Me How (Kan Sano Remix) Official Music Video

Show Me How (Kan Sano Remix) streaming

After a year of single releases including “Spider Dancing,” “Mist,” and most recently “Flower In The Dark,” Maika is excited to unveil her new album Lucid Dreaming on October 20, 2021.

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