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Oiko Komaru's 'Omae no Toriko ni Narumonka!' to be Released on futekiya

Ikebukuro, Japan - futekiya, the online Boys' Love (BL) manga subscription service, is excited to announce the license acquisition of Oiko Komaru's Omae no Toriko ni Narumonka! from Home-sha Inc.!

Narumi Ebihara has lost the ability to say no to a job. It's not his fault, though! The shady company he used to work for conditioned him to overwork himself on a terribly low wage. But when that company goes under overnight, Narumi is left scrambling for new employment.

Thanks to his luck (and frankly, his gullibility), Narumi lands a one-month trial period as a live-in manager for a promising new actor, Leo Uchiumi.

If all goes well, Narumi will have a higher salary, nicer accommodation, and a rewarding job after a month! A new wind is blowing in Narumi's direction... but that's not the only thing blowing...

Narumi Ebihara has lost the ability to say no to a job. To any job...

*English title and release date will be announced later.

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