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Nagoya & Aichi: Center of Anime & Manga, and Headquarters of Cosplay

Otakus and fans of Japanese Pop Culture flock to Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture for Anime and Cosplay!

AICHI PREFECTURE, JAPAN – 30 January 2023 – Japan's borders are finally open and Aichi is looking forward to welcoming not only the casual traveler but also the Pop Culture nerds and Otakus who live a life of Manga, Anime, Cosplay, and gaming.

In 2017 Nagoya declared as the Cosplay Host Town, and with the opening of Ghibli Park in Aichi last year, it is a must-visit destination for fans of Japanese Pop Culture.

Experience More Anime & Manga in Aichi

As we introduced in previous release, Ghibli Park is a great reason to visit Aichi. If you are already here and you want to experience even more of your favorite Anime or Manga, or maybe discover some new ones, the area does not disappoint.

If Anime location hunting sounds like fun to you, you might want to watch the popular Netflix movie A Whisker Away, a magical story set in Tokoname, an important pottery town in Aichi that you can visit during your stay.
Nagoya actually also has their own original Anime called Yattokamechan. Watching it will be such a fun way to get to know Nagoya before your visit.
Set a little more in the countryside is the Anime Shikizakura, named after the cherry blossoms blooming in spring and fall each year in Obara, a part of Toyota City.

Countless Anime and Manga shops can be found in Nagoya, especially around the Osu Shopping Streets but also close to Nagoya Station and the Sakae downtown area. Come and have a look, but don't be surprised if your suitcase won't close at the end of your trip!

Walk in the Footsteps of Famous Manga Artists and Voice Actors From Aichi

There might be something special in the water of Aichi's rivers because many great Manga & Anime artists and voice actors hail from the prefecture.

For example, two noteworthy Manga artists were born and grew up in Aichi. Akira Toriyama who gave us Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball, and Kōhei Horikoshi who is most famous for My Hero Academia, all of which were very popular in the US as well.

When it comes to voice actors, their voices will only be familiar to you if you have opted to watch Anime in its original Japanese form with subtitles. Some noteworthy actors are Akari Kitō who is especially famous for her role as Nezuko Kamado from the worldwide hit Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Haruka Tomatsu for her role as heroine Asuna in the TV anime Sword Art Online and main character Kata from Yōkai Watch, and finally Aya Hirano known for her role as Haruhi Suzumiya, the main character of the masterpiece The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, along with the role of Dende in Dragon Ball. Aya Hirano is also a popular singer and has performed worldwide including at the Anime Expo in the US.

While it might be hard to meet your heroes during your trip to Aichi, just knowing they grew up just around the corner from where you are standing, have seen the same sights, and breathed the same air makes a visit to Aichi so much more special for any Otaku.

Become Your Favorite Character at the World Cosplay Summit

How does a city become the Headquarters of Cosplay? Simple! By getting the greatest Cosplayers worldwide together on one stage to compete for the title of World Cosplay Champion.

The World Cosplay Summit started as a small event in 2003 with only a handful of international cosplayers in a hotel conference room. It grew steadily and continuously into the biggest cosplay event of its kind in the world.

Cosplayers from all over Japan and the rest of the world gather once a year in Nagoya to show off their costumes and take pictures of each other. The top teams (decided by preliminary local rounds) have the honor of representing their country or region in a championship to crown the World Cosplay Champion each year.

The World Cosplay Summit 2023 is expected to be held in early August, and with the lifting of entry restrictions, we expect many international Cosplayers to attend. How about joining the fun clad in your best costume?

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