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‘Kamen Rider Gotchard’ Opening Theme Song Video Released Alongside Episode 2, Surprise “Kick Song” By Beverly Also Out

Kamen Rider Gotchard’ opening theme song video released alongside episode 2! Surprise “kick song” by Beverly also out!

Kamen Rider Gotchard’ has begun broadcasting on TV Asahi, and with the second episode broadcast on September 10, the opening credits with the theme song ‘CHEMY×STORY’ by BACK-ON was unveiled for the first time.

The first episode did not include opening credits, but the song was used within that episode as well, and a “TV size” short version of the song and a lyric video have also been released. This cheery song is like an early-morning alarm call, becoming an instant hit with fans – and now that it has been featured in the opening credits, the song's momentum has only increased.

The song was composed by KENJI03, who also performs as BACK-ON. KENJI03 wrote the theme song ‘Trust · Last’ for ‘Kamen Rider Geats’ under the name Hi-yunk, and also composed an additional song, ‘Chair’, for the same series under his BACK-ON moniker – each of which received a great response. This is his third ‘Kamen Rider’ song, and his second as BACK-ON, establishing him as a top ‘Kamen Rider’ artist beloved by fans.

Also on September 10, episode 2 featured a surprise insert song that has taken fans by storm. Soundtracking Kamen Rider's trademark Rider Kick, the new “kick song” was performed by Beverly, who previously performed the theme song for ‘Kamen Rider Build’ as PANDORA feat. Beverly! It has been quite a while since Beverly performed a song for the series, and also some time since a high-profile insert song was featured so early in the series, so the song was met with surprise and joy by ‘Kamen Rider’ fans.

The title of this “kick song” is ‘Rising Fighter’. It will be released on download and streaming services from midnight Japan time on September 11.

■ Theme song information
Lyrics: Shōko Fujibayashi
Composition/arrangement: Hi-yunk (BACK-ON)

▼ TV size download and streaming links

▼ Lyric video

■ Insert song (kick song) information
‘Rising Fighter’
Lyrics: Asami Sakata
Composition: Haruo Yoda, Takatsugu Tsumabuki
Arrangement: Takatsugu Tsumabuki

Short Version released digitally midnight September 11 JST!
▼ Download and streaming links

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