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Otome Romance Comics Releases for English-Speaking Women Coming to MangaPlaza, America's Largest Digital Manga Store, Friday, April 19th

Voltage Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo Acting President: Yuzi Tsutani) has announced that English editions of titles from original women-oriented comic label VolKoi comic will be released on MangaPlaza on Friday, April 19th. MangaPlaza is operated by NTT Solmare Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo, Osaka Acting President: Toshiaki Asahi).

VolKoi comic is an original comic label that seeks to provide dramatic, heart-pounding moments to women who still believe in Happily Ever After. Its popular, mainly romance-based comic titles are available at stores throughout Japan. Now, for the first time ever, English versions of these titles will be available on the largest digital manga store in the United States, Manga Plaza.

More releases for the US market are planned for the future alongside vertically-read, full color manga label VolKoi TOON. Keep an eye out for more great Voltage Inc. comics that seek to make the world swoon.

Otome Romance Official Site Comic Page:https://voltageapps.com/books/

Introducing New English Versions of Hit Releases!

Oops, I Said Yes!: Kunihiro Kasai
Art: Kaperu Story: Voltage
English version (MangaPlaza): https://mangaplaza.com/title/0303008876/

Japanese title: Ukkari Kon Mezametara, Wakeari Joshi no Tsuma Deshita Kasai ~Kunihiro Hen~
Japanese (VolComi): https://voltage-comics.com/series/91250

What happens when The Boss with a Past marries The Bachelorette after zero days of dating?! Ayaka's been enjoying her life and her job; she has no intention of getting married any time soon. She's been working at her dream company, inspired by her incredible boss Kunihiro Kasai, and living life to the fullest. That is, until her country bumpkin parents and one of the upper brass badger her about her single status, and this undue pressure convinces her to get totally drunk. The next think she knows, there's a filled-out marriage certificate in front of her and someone whispering softly in her ear. Who's her sudden groom...? None other than Kunihiro! Can a chaotic marriage of convenience turn into something more?

My Last First Kiss: Ayato Hidaka
Art: Ajita Story: Voltage
English version (MangaPlaza): https://mangaplaza.com/title/0303008875/

Japanese title: Otona no Hatsukoi , Hajimemasu ~Hidaka Ayato Hen~
Japanese (VolComi): https://voltage-comics.com/series/90049

Mai's experienced little romance, having been stuck in unrequited love for most of her life. She's been close friends with a group of great guys since her childhood, but their friendship has never turned into more. Now a grown woman, she reunites with her old crush. Her chance, she thinks, until she realizes how much he's changed...
While she's suffering from a second broken heart, her old pal Ayato, now an actor, is there to cheer her up. He's brusque, kind, and anything but smooth, simultaneously healing and hurting her with his words. His caring, straightforward nature even makes him offer to practice dating with Mai when she tells him it's time for a change! Could this what carries them from friendship into more?

Destind: Mr. Almost Right: Takane Momochi
Art: Chika Mizube Story: Voltage
English version (MangaPlaza): https://mangaplaza.com/title/0303008874/

Japanese title: Ato 1% de Unmei no Koi ~Momochi Takane Hen~
Japanese (VolComi): https://voltage-comics.com/series/34066

Chihiro Segawa, 27, works for a cosmetic company. One day, a friend tells her about a dating app with an 88% marriage rate, and no sooner has she registered than she's set up with her "soulmate." It turns out to be none other than Takane Momochi, the guy she liked back in her school days! He's now a commercial airline pilot, and Chihiro's heart skips a beat the moment he messages her. The screen says they are a 100% match... physically. What does THAT mean?

The Man Behind the Glasses
Art: Sakura Edajima Story: Voltage
English version (MangaPlaza):https://mangaplaza.com/title/0303008878/

Japanese title: Kono Otoko, Megane wo Hazusu to Hyohen Shimasu.
Japanese (VolComi): https://voltage-comics.com/series/23943

Aya Zaizen, 31, works at a famous Japanese trading company. There, she serves as assistant to executive Keiichiro Kijo. Though Aya's earned the trust of harsh and hard-headed Keiichiro, she's never been in love before and considers quitting to pursue that experience instead. Keiichiro doesn't agree, and after interrogating Aya, suggests he'll be her lover instead.

Our Two Bedroom Story: Tsumugu Kido
Art: Arata Shion Story: Voltage
English version (MangaPlaza):https://mangaplaza.com/title/0303008877/

Japanese title: Joshi to Himitsu no 2LDK Love Happening ~Kido Tsumugu~
Japanese (VolComi): https://voltage-comics.com/series/34195

Mika Ono works for a minor magazine department at a major publishing company, until one day she's thrust into the AMA editorial department. It's full of rising stars and gorgeous men, but they're even more twisted than she ever imagined. Meanwhile, Mika's looking forward to living on her own - that is, until her new address comes with an unfamiliar man attached...! Now, the two will have to cohabit in secret!

Special Offer to Celebreate the MangaPlaza Releases!

Get an electric point reward when purchasing English version titles of VolKoi comics via MangaPlaza!

Campaign Period:
Ongoing! Ends Fri. May 3rd 16:59 (JST)/ Thurs. May 2nd 23:59 (PST)

Campaign Page URL:

An original comic label: VolKoi comic

VolKoi comic is an original comic label aimed at adult women who still believe that romance should be swoon-worthy.

VolKoi comic X(@volkoicomic):https://twitter.com/volkoicomic *Japanese only

*All company names, products, and services listed here are copyrights of their respective companies.

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