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Tackle Teen Trauma in Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo, a Surreal Mystery Adventure Now in Development for PC

TOKYO — May 28th, 2024 — Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo, the story-rich puzzle adventure debut title from developer Dank Hearts, breaks through the noise to announce its development for PC via Steam, as revealed during INDIE Live Expo 2024.

Watch the new trailer here.

Six teenagers awaken in “Noise Scramble City”, a downtown labyrinth mirroring their internal traumas. How did they arrive here? How do they return home? Unravel each character's individual mysteries, and explore the enigmatic alternate reality around them in a story-rich narrative journey.

With the cause (or culprit, perhaps?) responsible for the teens' arrival cloaked in a cloud of amnesia, seek the clues hidden in the dark recesses of every hallucination. Scour the environment for memory fragments camouflaged in plain sight throughout the city limits. Search for answers in a blighted, topsy-turvy Tokyo-esque world, from graffiti-coated underground sewers to haunted, marionette-filled classrooms.

Help each protagonist face physical expressions of their tumultuous pasts. Navigate Zena's stubbornness, Hozukis' jealousy, Honoka's paranoia, Kaito's low self-esteem, Hiyori's vanity, and Soto's codependence to find the source of their troubles and escape the maze-like city once and for all.

Shine a light on the origins of Noise Scramble City itself through interactions with the town's maniacal feline host, the Spectre. Piece together the truth behind each teenager's circumstances, where each conundrum solved illuminates an escape route from this mind prison.

“In life, our own proclivities often lead to specific predicaments. Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo is an abstract exploration of our own natures,” says MYU, Director of Planning, Scenario and Character Design at Dank Hearts . “There are many unexpected twists and turns in this narrative adventure, and we look forward to sharing more in the near future. Stay tuned!”

Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo is now in development for PC with language support in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. For more information, visit the Dank Hearts official website.

About Dank Hearts

Originally a mobile-first studio with titles such as Sengoku Travelling and Travel Monsters in their portfolio, Dank Hearts Inc. (formed by the merger of Try Hearts and Dank Networks) perceives games as communication tools rather than entertainment, and aspires to use games to deepen human relationships, bring meaningful enjoyment to life, and foster a sense of community to their customers.

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