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Guardian Tales Launches Season 3 with World 19 Update and Free 50 Summons Event

Guardian Tales, an epic adventure RPG from Kakao Games, has announced the Season 3 update. The update includes a World 19 update, a new hero, and many more updates for Season 3. To celebrate this remarkable update, Guardian Tales is offering a free 50-summons event and various other events that offer lots of rewards. Immerse yourself in the adventurous puzzles and intense storyline in Kanterbury.
App Store & Play Store Download: https://bit.ly/GDTSPRALL01

Welcome to the new season with the refreshed look of Guardian Tales. In this update, players will experience a renewed UI that is easier to navigate and more convenient to use. All content is now accessible in one place, allowing for quick access to your desired features. Additionally, the new look of Heavenhold will surprise you after clearing World 18.
Begin the adventure of the new season with the World 19 "Pixie Forest" update. As a Knight, you will start the new journey again with Little Princess to find a new champion. Following the reaction of the Champion's Sword, the flying inn crashes into a barrier, causing them to fall. They encounter a pixie named Cornet, who is being chased by invaders, and this is where the story of Pixie Forest begins. The new world update also includes event rifts where can earn the event points and use them to claim rewards.

King of the Hill Cornet from World 19 has been added as a new hero in this new update, along with her exclusive weapon, the "Pouch of Verdure" As a light-element ranged hero, she is a perfect addition to your light-element team. Known for her rebellious nature and graffiti in Pixie Village, Cornet is often misunderstood but deeply loyal, always stepping up to protect her village despite her insecurities. Now, she brings her unique skills and unwavering determination to your team.
In celebration of the Season 3 update, Guardian Tales is offering 10 free summons per day, totaling 50 free summons during the event period. These summons can include any type of hero or weapon you desire.

Additionally, decorations commemorating the Season 3 update will be applied to the appearance of the Heavenhold. To further mark the occasion, the Little Princess will bring a more special gift and a Season 3 special attendance event will be held, providing players with additional rewards and incentives to participate in the game during this exciting new season.

To stay updated on special updates or news from Guardian Tales, keep an eye on their official Facebook page, where you can meet other guardians and share your experiences in their official Discord and Facebook Group.
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GuardianTalesAsia
Official Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/761025604759685
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/mmznZ3V

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