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White Owl's Inc. Releasing Long-Awaited New Title 'Death Game Hotel' on July 11, 2024

Once you check in, you may never want to check out...

Tokyo, Japan - June 20, 2024 - Brought to you by indie game development studio for The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories, and Deadly Premonition, Video Game Director SWERY's (Hidetaka Suehiro) White Owls Inc., is excited to announce the release of their latest title, "Death Game Hotel," on July 11, 2024 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

“Death Game Hotel” features a variety of thrilling table games where players from around the world engage in a high stakes gambling tournament, bidding away their own body parts for a match of life and death.

"Death Game Hotel is White Owls' first VR production. After 2020, we all came to understand the importance and value of human connections. As the way we connect evolves, we wanted to create a space where everyone can come together, anytime, from anywhere. We hope you'll connect with us.
I love you all!"
- Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro

Pre-orders will be available starting June 20, 2024 10:00AM Pacific Standard Time through the Meta Quest Store.

During the pre-order period, customers will receive a 10% discount and bonus in-game items such as "Hamburger Box" and "Beer”.

Game Features
Death Game Hotel is an online multiplayer tabletop game in which you become a participant in a fictional death game tournament and fight to survive by betting pieces of your body.

In single player mode, you play as a participant who unintentionally accepts an invitation to a mysterious tournament called “Death Game 2000”, where you'll fight to the death against unique, quirky opponents.

In multiplayer mode, players create their own death games and fight for their lives against their friends, family members, or other players from around the world.

Players bet not only with chips, but also body parts (eyes, ears, mouth, and hands). If you win, you won't just earn a reward...you'll also get to see your opponents' bodies get chopped into bloody pieces!

Are you ready to test the strength of your gambling “vitality?”

Three unique games await you...

Goblet of the Reaper
In this game, players take turns putting tiles into a goblet filled with blood while making sure that it doesn't overflow. Whoever gets rid of all their tiles first wins. Whenever the goblet overflows, one of the Reaper candles on the table goes out...and when all of them go out, the Reaper appears and forces everyone to bet their lives on the remainder of the match.

Death Poker
Death Poker is played with special rules: the unique “death” suit has been added to the standard lineup of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. The death suit is the strongest, but you'll end up at a disadvantage if you can't create a hand with the death cards you've got. If you want to win quickly, you could try raising one of your body parts...

Cheat System
In this game, cheating is not only allowed, but highly encouraged!

Players don't simply gamble with their lives alone...you can use cheat items that are wholly unique to the VR experience.

In Goblet of the Reaper, players can learn how to prevent their goblets from overflowing and calculate how many tiles it'll take to make the goblet overflow... Meanwhile, in Death Poker, players can switch cards in and out of their hand and secretly peek at the next card that's going to be drawn.

Wait until your opponent lets their guard down, then crush them with a powerful cheat!

Break Time
Sometimes, you might want to take a break from all the gambling…

If you get tired of the tense competition, check out the store! You can buy pizza, beer, doughnuts, and coffee to enjoy on your break. Feel free to forget about the grueling death games for a bit and enjoy a toast with your friends as you swap stories and boast about your wins.

Death Game Hotel is an online multiplayer VR game unlike any other. Featuring high tension (mortal) battles waging fortune and glory, realistic expressions that are only possible in VR, and luxurious environments to enjoy with your friends, once you check in, you may never want to check out...

Also, keep your eyes peeled! SWERY and the rest of the devs might hop in to play some death games on the weekends!

We sincerely look forward to meeting you inside the world of Death Game Hotel.

Product Overview
Title: Death Game Hotel
Release Date: July 11, 2024, 10:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time, North America)
Price: $19.99
Compatible Platforms: Meta Quest 2 / Quest 3 / Quest Pro
Meta Quest Page: https://bit.ly/45b1Xjx
Concept Design: SWERY
Development, Sales: White Owls Inc.
Development Cooperation: Skeleton Crew Studio


About White Owls Inc.
White Owls is a small development company that was born in Osaka on November 1, 2016. Our slogan is "From Osaka to all of YOU around the World," and we're working day and night to create completely unique things that no one's ever seen before.

For the latest news, check:
X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/WhiteOwlsInc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whiteowlsinc/
Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/WhiteOwlsInc
YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/@WhiteOwlsInc
Website: https://www.whiteowls.co.jp/
Join our Discord community: https://discord.gg/deathgamehotel

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