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The Restless Sheep & the Lone Wolf -Woolly Eyes Gaiden- Coming 2024 to Steam & Johren

TOKYO, JAPAN – JUNE 24, 2024.

Shiravune is pleased to announce that The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf -Woolly Eyes GAIDEN- from the developers at CLOCKUP will be coming to Steam and Johren in 2024!

The game features five all new stories unfolding alongside the events of the original visual novel. Featuring such stories ranging from chasing down rumors of f hidden riches, fighting foreign contract killers, to more light-hearted stories like a baseball match between competing Yakuza families, -Woolly Eyes GAIDEN- is sure to be a welcome addition to fans of the original The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf visual novel.

As of June 24, the game is now available for wishlisting on Steam!
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2947980?utm_source=enpr
Johren (18+): https://www.johren.games/games/download/yourougaiden-en

The romantic noir visual novel The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf returns to Kabukicho in this unhinged simul-quel.
"Me", Azami, and the whole ragtag gang rampage through five all-new short stories!

[Intro from The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf -A Tale of Cutthroat Lovers-]
Another restless, sleepless night...
From the mind of Maggot Baits creator Tatsuya Kurashiki comes a twisted love story!

Kabukicho, Shinjuku. There's a hotel here where I work as a live-in cleaner—or at least, that's my day job.

By night, I suffer from chronic insomnia with just one cure: killing people. So I moonlight as a yakuza bigwig's pet killer, waiting for him to toss me a bone and order a hit so I can sleep. Might sound like a fine line to walk, but my life's pretty quiet. Pretty stable.

Until I meet this girl, Azami. Defeating her got me a night of sleep so peaceful, I've been mulling over the idea of keeping her around. Thing is, my boss wants her dead, and if I bite the hand that feeds me, there's my quiet, stable life out the door... 

Li Fa Shu
Voice: Tokio Aoi
A twenty-year-old college student who's the daughter of a Triad boss and received an upper-class education from an early age. She's warm and gentle despite her rather reserved appearance and also has a tendency to daydream just like any other young woman does.

Her father, though not related by blood, is the one who taught the protagonist how to be a hit man when he traveled to Hong Kong eighteen years ago and was welcomed into its underworld. She's got an idea of what her father's actual job is, but still respects him, nonetheless.

Voice: Yu Sakita
A streamer famous for courting controversy who's gained a considerable following by operating in Kabukicho, an area that still has a dangerous image. He has over 3 million followers and rumor has it that he makes around 10 to 100 million yen a year.

Taking advantage of the recent Law on the Prevention of Irregularities by Gangsters, he's been playing tons of pranks on the yakuza—his video "I gave this YAKUZA CAR a SICK TATTOO!!! ROFLMAO!!!" where he draws on Tougi's Bentley with a fluorescent marker has gotten over 500,000 views.   Azami
Voice: Marie Keda
A mysterious girl who happens to visit the hotel the protagonist lives in. A cheerful and carefree young woman with an ever-present shadow, she ends up being hunted by the yakuza after a client dies on her.

Haruhiko Nire
Voice: Netoru Irakusa
An elite detective from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's First Detective Division who wanders Kabukicho, seemingly in search of something, even though his beat is actually East Shinjuku. While he may look kind, he's a shrewd man who knows not just judo and kendo but various other practical martial arts as well.

Sayuki Ugai
Voice: Ren Kureno
A detective from East Shinjuku's Detective Department Section 4 who's lost any shred of morals or sense of duty. With her propensity for violence and greed, it's no surprise she's in the pocket of the Aoike Gathering who rule Kabukicho's underbelly.

Mirei Bessho
Voice: Murasaki Fujino
A brash and intelligent but stubborn young woman. She met the protagonist in Kabukicho and became fast friends with Azami.

Yun Shi Gu
Voice: Jimu Kyari
The owner of an illegal business in Kabukicho. When he was young, he was the leader of a group of hot-blooded Shanghainese militants. Now he has been reduced to scraping together a living under the watchful eyes of the yakuza and the police, yet this does nothing to deter him from sticking it out in Kabukicho.

Li Jian Rong
Voice: Yukine Takane
The elderly driver for Yun's illegal business. Being a warm and sincere man who's well-liked by the ladies he chauffeurs belies the fact that he was once the boss of Yun and a legendary Chinese gang who exercised power over Kabukicho.

Lady Dharma
Voice: Mako Ayane
A wheelchair-bound, limbless mass murderer who has weapons stowed within her prosthetic legs. Her modified wheelchair tops out at 50 KPH, allowing her to hunt her prey to the ends of the earth. She's become something of an urban legend in Tokyo.

Mamoru Tougi
Voice: Torowa Ando
The leading subordinate of the Aoike Gathering, the secondary organization under the large-area designated yakuza group known as the S Gathering that rules Kabukicho. A rising star in the organization, he's one of the candidates to become the leader of the Aoike Gathering. He's a man of few words and great restraint with the ruthlessness to kill anyone without hesitation should it be required.

Shinsuke Kaieda
Voice: Tetsuto Furukawa
A member of the Aoike Gathering and assistant to Mamoru Tougi. He's a bold and unflappable as well as crafty, modern kind of man. Lacking the usual concern for his reputation and pride of yakuza members, he's willing to work with anyone and everyone to achieve his goals.

Kazuyoshi Mifune
Voice: Tooru Kishiri
The head of the S Gathering's third faction, the Mifune Group, and second lieutenant of the Aoike Gathering who's also in the running to be next in line. He's an old-school yakuza with an appetite for alcohol and a good time on par with his brute strength. Merciless and cruel but compassionate to his people, he's a hero to his subordinates.

Meng Feng Da
Voice: Goro Ide
A suspicious thug who roams Kabukicho, committing fraud, fencing stolen goods, and cleverly navigating the lines between every faction from the yakuza to the Chinese gangs to the police. He's also corrupt cop Sayuki Ugai's pet informant.

Voice: Kazuki Nishizaki
Just your regular balding, middle-aged day laborer who gambles away his pay on horse or bike track races most days. With his easygoing smile, he's pretty approachable.   The Crone
Voice: Megumi Nishikiori
The old woman who owns the hotel the protagonist lives in, working him like a dog. She's a well-informed member of the Kabukicho underworld who has ties to the Aoike Gathering and knows about both the protagonist's hit man side hustle and Yun's gang member past.

Voice: Ryo Sugisaki
A hit man who suffers from insomnia that renders him eternally sleep-deprived. He's Japanese—and went by Takeo Muraki for a time—but operates under the Hong Konger identity of 'Zeng Heixing' and has made a home for himself in one of the rooms in a hotel on the outskirts of Kabukicho. Normally, he spends his days working there apathetically and only kills anyone when a job comes in. After meeting Azami and getting the best sleep of his life, he can't bring himself to let her go.

Title: The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf -Woolly Eyes GAIDEN-
OS: Windows
Players: Single-Player
Developer: CLOCKUP
Publisher: Shiravune
Languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Steam, Johren (18+ Adult Version), Other Platforms TBA

14.99 USD / 1,499 Johren Points
* Steam prices may vary based on regional pricing.
* Steam and Johren discount: 20% OFF for 2 weeks after launch!

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