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The Spring 2023 Anime Preview Guide
Golden Kamuy Season 4

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Golden Kamuy (TV 4) ?
Community score: 4.4

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Immortal Sugimoto and Asirpa reunited after the battle with Ogata at the end of season three. With the crew back together, they are pursuing the young Russian woman Sofia. But in the meantime, they must be wary of continued threats, including the still-alive Ogata. Meanwhile, former head jailer Kadokura joins the many other groups searching for the hidden gold.

Golden Kamuy is based on Satoru Noda's manga and streams on Crunchyroll on Mondays.

This series is resuming after previous delays. ANN is reposting the previous Preview Guide entry for this series to remind fans to check it out!

How was the first episode?

Grant Jones

Golden Kamuy returns, and with it my will to live.

Okay maybe that's a touch dramatic, but I'm excited to see one of my favorite shows return after a seemingly endless wave of isekai-also-rans. Season 4 certainly opens strong. The absurd tension of last season's finale transitions nicely into a calm, relax- oh, wait, no, it's a sniper trying to gun down our leads within the first few minutes!

It's a smart opening sequence that encapsulates everything Golden Kamuy is about, making it a suitable primer even if you have no real experience with the story before this. There's tense gunfights, brutal close combat, and misunderstandings that break away into comedic doodle contests between characters who connect with each other in spirit more than in language. By the end, it's all chuckles as the crew riders off into the snow, but one can't shake the ominous feeling hanging over them. The only elements this opening did not touch on were the focus on food (reserved for later in the episode) and the strangely absent beefcake shots.

The rest of this episode settles into a setting of the stage for what is to come. Kadokura and Kirawus are the new additions to the mix, and I'm curious to see where they are going. Kadokura's over-the-top bad luck is a perfect fit for the outrageous yet hilarious misery many of the characters in this series undergo. I got a big belly laugh out of him slipping on the ice and making all his fish swim perfectly into convenient nearby holes.

But honestly, it's most heartening to see Sugimoto and Asirpa back together again. I enjoyed last season a lot, don't get me wrong, but I think the show is really at its best when these two are working alongside one another. Their dynamic is the beating heart of the show, and while their separation made for an excellent source of tension, I think this season will be stronger overall simply by having them back together. Can't wait to see what else is in store for us.

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