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Episode 11

by Theron Martin,

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Assassin's Pride has suffered at times from condensing its story beats too much and/or just not fully explaining things well enough in general. Episode 11 gets hit harder by that flaw than most, as there are several things going on here which don't make much sense. The result is an episode which is hard to follow even as it tries to make things more interesting.

The most confusing point is where, exactly, the two girl who came to help Melida and Elise last episode actually stand. Mule clearly has her loyalties geared towards her older brother, but based on last episode I was under the understanding that her brother's cabal already knew that Melida was Paladin class and so was seeking to off her. However, Mule here seems more intent on just gaining more substantive proof of this. She has plenty of opportunities to leave Melida in a potentially deadly situation but doesn't, even going so far as helping Melida and Elise complete their quest. That seems counterproductive to a purpose of eliminating her. Where Salacha stands is even less clear. She was also at that meeting but seems intent on securing the book needed for the quest completion (and where Melida's Samurai class is written down) for herself. Is she trying to do things her own way or actually protect Melida? It feels like some scenes are missing her where this could be explained better.

Why Guild Grimfice would go after the other girls at the school also is a head-scratcher, unless I missed something. They just come off as garden-variety terrorists here (albeit ones where their leader can take on an undead form to control the ghosts in the library better). At least that move shows that Kufa was genuinely giving Rosetti an important task rather than just trying to get her out of the way so he could be cool on his own. That almost backfired on him, too, though it did allow for the surprising return of Williams Gin, the ribbon-manipulating lancanthrope from earlier in the series. The Headmistress also proved surprisingly tough and strong.

It's entirely possible that some of my concerns will be addressed in what I presume will be the series' finale next week, but there are a few too many holes her to be just dismissed as trying to work in an element of mystery. On the plus side, the Once Upon A Time parts were cute and Melida just continues to impress more as a take-charge heroine. Better be careful, Kufa, or she'll leave you in the dust.


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