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Episode 6

by Theron Martin,

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After the frenzy of Melida having to literally justify her existence and come to terms with Elise, the series has apparently decided to take a breather before getting involved in any big new plot. Hence we get an interlude episode which serves as an epilogue to the Luna Lumiere Selection event, one which basically boils down to a bunch of girls sneaking out in their PJs for an after-party and getting caught up in one of their own ghost stories come to life.

There isn't, of course, anything actually supernatural going on here, as the end of the episode reveals that Kufa and Rosietta orchestrated the whole business involving the Gray Witch to indirectly punish the girls for violating school rules by sneaking out after hours. From a viewer's perspective there was never anything all that scary about the events transpiring, as the opening scene had already suggested that the two had an inkling about what was going on. Also, it was a little too obvious that Rosietta was taking on the role of the Gray Witch, even if she wasn't using her chakrums (or whatever those weapons are supposed to be). The tone also had an impact here, as the presentation never felt anything more than playfully scary, especially once the not-at-all-threatening slime came into the picture. (The comical way in which Elise passed out might have also contributed to this impression.) But perhaps that was the point; with very real threats and scares out on the fringes of the world, they didn't need something more than an amusement park haunted house-level scare here.

How innocent any of this might be is also a debatable point. Without question none of the characters actually had salacious intent here; this is just a bunch of girls getting together to continue a tradition of inter-school camaraderie while out from under the noses of their instructors. Nor is there anything wrong with what Kufa was doing by providing the slime; again, standard haunted house tactics. However, all throughout both that scene and the earlier gathering for the party I couldn't shake a covertly fetishy vibe, as if the series is trying to look innocent while still providing some fan service. This isn't the first time that I have had that impression about this series, either.

The one other significant detail here is that Elise has wholeheartedly returned to the “little sister” role and seems considerably more comfortable that way, even if she is no good at handling scary stories. Beyond that, nothing much of consequence transpires in this episode.


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