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Call Girl in Another World

GN 1

Call Girl in Another World GN 1
Yuzuki may have stumbled into sex work, but she both enjoys it and is good at it – which comes in handy when she's summoned to another world by a sorcerer. He tells her that she can go home if she fulfills the conditions in a magic book: to do sexy things with specific people of various fantasy races. It's all in a day's work for the best call girl in Ikebukuro!

If you read Interspecies Reviewers and thought, “This is fine, but I'd really like to read it from the ladies' perspective,” Call Girl in Another World may be the book for you. There are, on the surface, some definite similarities: Yuzuki is a (human) sex worker whose job is to find the men, or types of men, listed in her magic book and bring them to orgasm. That means learning to tailor her skills to various species, something she does with great enthusiasm. Of course, as the title indicates, Yuzuki isn't just doing this solely for fun or profit. She's been summoned to a fantasy land by a sorcerer, and fulfilling the conditions of that magic book is her only ticket home to Japan.

It is a rather paper-thin premise, but it's one that Mashiro Morio uses with enthusiasm. In fact, the isekai aspect really just feels like an excuse for them to draw Yuzuki doing the deed with a variety of fantasy races, but given the ubiquitous state of isekai at this juncture, that's actually not a terrible variation on the genre's prevalent themes. It's also nice that Yuzuki has a way back home. Knowing this – and being good at working down her list – means that she's able to maintain her enthusiasm for her task without getting depressed. It's not a matter of “if” she can go back to Tokyo, it's very much “when,” and that's something that she never loses sight of. It leaves her free to just enjoy the experience, and that makes this refreshingly light and fluffy with nary a reincarnated villainess in sight.

Of course, it also helps that Yuzuki likes her job and is proud of the many skills she's acquired working in Ikebukuro. Her biggest point of pride is that she can pull everything off without penetrative sex actually happening, something that fascinates her new fantasy land co-workers. (It also, incidentally, allows the creator to dodge a few bullets.) She mostly enjoys figuring out what to do with the various fantasy men, with the notable exception of the dwarf who's into bigger women. She does manage to do her job with him, but it requires adding quite a bit of weight with magic, and she's not all that comfortable with the new, chubby Yuzuki, temporary though it is. In all fairness, that could also be due to the suddenness with which it happens: she gains about seventy pounds in a second, and that has to be incredibly disconcerting. But the plus side is that there's no shame attached to her being bigger in the two chapters that deal with it; it's just treated as a different body type that some people are sexually attracted to. There's a mild fetish element to it, but I'll take that over body shaming.

The nature of Yuzuki's magic, and how she ended up being summoned and getting the book in the first place, are unfortunate casualties of Morio just using the isekai setting as an excuse for a heroine who has sex with fantasy races. In other words, they really aren't explained at all, and that does feel like an issue. Racy though its purpose is, this isn't entirely without plot, and while not everyone is looking for story with their raunchy manga, if you are, this is sadly lacking. The world building is also very patchy, really only happening in the pages between chapters, where little bits are doled out before we get back to the good stuff. Again, it's not strictly necessary to the story, but it would be a nice bonus.

That becomes more apparent in the chapter where Yuzuki's client is an orc. Like in many other fantasy stories, orcs in Call Girl in Another World are people with pig features, but in a striking break from convention, the orcs here are based on boars, so their bodies are covered with coarse, wiry hair. That means that the orc in question is notorious in the red-light district for being impossible to please – no one can get through his pelt to actually touch anything relevant. Luckily for the plot, Yuzuki's isekai arsenal includes the power from Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill, i. e. her smartphone works and she can order items from online stores that are magically delivered. Thus she's not only able to keep herself stocked with her favorite supplies, her colleague is also able to accidentally order gallons and gallons of hair product…that happily works to soften boar bristles. Everything is just sort of thrown in as the chapter progresses, giving it the sense that Morio is just sort of making this up as they go along, and while solid worldbuilding and storytelling are clearly not the raison d'être of this series, they really would have helped with this chapter, because it is a bit different from the isekai norm. Things like Yuzuki needing to service the Demon Lord are basic enough to the genre that they don't need anything more than genre knowledge, but when the series strikes out on its own, more is warranted.

But on the whole, Call Girl in Another World is pretty fun. It's positive depiction of sex work and women who enjoy sex is nice, the art goes as far as it can without veering into hentai territory (so no genitals, both male and female nipples on display, and some fluids; it's actually even not as raunchy as some other Ghost Ship releases), and if it has a clear purpose, well, it definitely has a good time with it. If you want something more realistic, I'd suggest J. K. Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World, but if you're just looking for goofy sexy fun, this isn't a bad choice.

Overall : C+
Story : C
Art : B-

+ Has fun with its premise, positive attitude towards sex and women who enjoy it.
Worldbuilding and plot are pretty weak, which does occasionally get in the way.

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