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Episode 5

by Lynzee Loveridge,

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Darwin's Game took a breather last week in what I hope isn't a sign that it's production is circling the drain. Utilizing a recap four weeks in (you'll remember that the first two episodes aired during week one) is not a great sign. That said, this episode continues to move the ring collecting in-game event further just a bit by revealing that there might be a whole 'nother treasure all together and reintegrating Shuka into the plot, if just for a bit.

Kaname, Rein, and Hiiragi (The Florist) manage to convince the Skeleton Sniper (Ryūji) to join their temporary alliance by promising to face Wang and the 8th Clan. The mutual enemy is planning to invade the hotel that night and get their hands on the rings inside. Now, up to this point, Kaname and his crew thought so long as they had at least three rings per person that they'd be safe when the game's timer is up. Some searching through the ToS fine print reveals that there might be other circumstances to clear the game, that the points assigned to the different rings aren't necessarily by gemstone value, and each one hides a QR code that reveals a number.

Rein is working on unraveling these new developments when Kaname gets a text from Shuka that she needs help. His partner decided to take a route through an underground mall only to find herself on death's door when she faces a boy with water and ice manipulation abilities. Kaname and Ryūji decide to go retrieve her when they encounter what could be Shuka's attacker's sister. The timid girl has no plans to fight but also knows more than she's letting on. Ryūji points out that his Sigil ability allows him to know when someone is lying to him, and the girl was definitely fibbing about something. Before we can find out what, Kaname dives shirtless into the frigid waters to try to recover Shuka.

There wasn't much to chew on in this set-up episode but at least we get some scenery outside of the blase hotel. Kaname continues to be our one-note hero whose only mode is "your honorable pal." The 8th Clan and Wang are also pretty boring villains so far. It's a bunch of nondescript gangsters with a snake motif. I was more interested in the rich asshole cabal betting on the game but we haven't seen them in awhile. Darwin's Game needs to kick up it up a notch in the action and back-stabbing department. This is all a little too kumbaya for a murder video game.


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