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Delicious in Dungeon
Episode 19

by Grant Jones,

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Delicious in Dungeon ?
Community score: 4.3


Episode 19 is another fun two-parter that introduces a bundle of fun ideas wrapped in a charming package.

The first half brings Izutsumi into the fold and has the gang face off against a spectral hag. Izutsumi is an interesting character, as she appears with the magical equivalent of a bomb collar and asks for Marceille's help casting it out. The most interesting thing to me is how this does not set up a bond between these two but rather a more unique bond with Senshi. Senshi instructs her on the proper use of tools and how the proper way is not just picky preference—it is the appropriate application that makes the best use of the tool. Additionally, he only truly becomes angered when she wastes food. This is a nice look into Senshi's psyche that isn't necessarily surprising yet nevertheless is illuminating.

The second half of the episode sees us turn further inward into Marceille and Laios' dream selves. These sequences are a bit hard to parse—of course, that's the nature of dream interpretation and how it's supposed to be. The emotional truths are most informative for the audience—speaking to both of their fears over the past that continue to haunt them. Laios fears his constant failures in living up to anyone's expectations while Marceille feels she will lose everyone she cares about and end up alone in a cold world.

Both halves have (oof, hard to say) their benefits. I think Izutsumi is a fun addition to the crew. No one in the adventuring party thus far has the same gremlin-like energy—and that will add a new texture to the adventures. Meanwhile, Marceille's emotional concern is quite poignant. It adds another meaningful layer to her beyond “doesn't want to eat yucky things” and “loves Falin.” The nightmare mollusk is a really fun idea, especially when they get cooked and emit mirages for everyone to see. Another fun weekly romp.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

Delicious in Dungeon is currently streaming on Netflix.

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