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Don't Meddle with My Daughter

GN 1

Don't Meddle with My Daughter GN 1
Haruka Athena was once the super-heroine known as Eighth Wonder, but she dropped out of the scene after defeating the evil organization Blowjob, which was headed by her arch-rival. 20 years have passed and Blowjob has made a resurgence, so Eighth Wonder has risen to oppose them! Only this time it's not Haruka, but her 18-year-old daughter Clara, who is going behind her back to work with N.U.D.E., the secret organization Haruka once worked with. Though Clara seems to have the same array of superhuman powers, Haruka doubts that Clara is ready for what she's getting into, so she decides to lurk on the fringes and secretly help her out. Things get even more complicated when a villain turns out to have the same power as Haruka's dead husband and one of Clara's close friends turns out to have super-villain ties of her own.

This three-volume manga series is a raunchy spoof on the Western-style superhero genre that gleefully revels in its lewdness while sticking firmly to superhero-style drama. Cross Tiger & Bunny with Daimidaler and you have a pretty good impression on how this manga plays out.

The star for most of this volume is Haruka, a statuesque woman in her early 40s who possesses a power set to rival Superman's: flight, super-strength, super-senses, heat ray vision, and a bulletproof body, with the added powers of animal empathy and an internal bio-generator, not to mention other possibly undiscovered abilities. Early on, the current Commander of N.U.D.E. reveals that Haruka retired in part because she got fed up with the perverted nature of the enemy organization's attacks, and she definitely doesn't want her daughter to have to put up with that too. Unfortunately, helping her daughter out from the shadows means exposing herself to more sexual assault.

What results is fairly standard superhero fare with lewd twists: robots with tentacles, plants that swallow women and turn them into mind-controlled sex slaves, a shadowy infiltrator who catches the heroine in a compromising position, and a close friend who turns out to have an alternate personality with a super-powered strap fetish. One of the more amusing sequences involves both Haruka and Clara participating in an Eighth Wonder cosplay event and going unrecognized as the genuine articles, while another short sequence involves Clara getting into an argument with a villain over her dated entrance spiel. There's also a busty villainess with a cadre of sex kittens at her disposal, a super-heroine called Sgt. Candy, and another super-heroine who dresses as a nun – because why not? Plenty of traditional superhero contrivances are included, such as how Clara can remain incognito despite her unmasked face being fully visible or how she somehow doesn't realize that the original Eighth Wonder is her mother.

And given the manga's R-rated genre, there's also plenty of fanservice. The art style decidedly favors curvaceous, huge-chested mature women, which is curious given that the manga author is better-known for the loli-focused Dance in the Vampire Bund franchise. Sexy costume designs for both heroines and villainesses are the norm, but numerous scenes involve actual nudity too. Plenty of sexual content is strongly implied, with one character shown pleasuring herself with a vibrator at one point, and the overall level of pornographic content rides a line similar to the Ninja Scroll movie. Still, this is a Mature-rated title with good reason.

The artistic effort places the heaviest emphasis on character designs, from it's the sleek look of Clara to the more substantial builds of Haruka, the Commander, and two chief villainesses. The use of lipstick differentiates the older women from teenagers like Clara and her friend Mei/Honey the Hugger, whose belt-themed costume is fantastically outrageous. The shadowy appearance of villain The Reflex is also neat; he essentially looks like a Shade from a tabletop RPG. The artistry in general is crisp and appealing, with nice background details and unusually strong use of shading.

The Seven Seas release of the first volume features cover art with bold primary colors in a style reminiscent of classic superhero comics. It wraps with an extensive set of extras: a single-page Afterword, profiles on both Clara and Haruka as Eighth Wonder, a breakdown of their known powers, a two-page spread featuring the villains of Blowjob, a page depicting their fiendish weapons, and a “villain card” for Honey the Hugger.

Overall, Don't Meddle With My Daughter is a fun racy read as long as you don't mind its bent toward non-consensual sexual content. Just don't expect any depth to the experience.

Overall : B
Story : B
Art : B+

+ Several amusing parodies of standard superhero elements, appealing character designs
Exclusively for those who enjoy racy content for its own sake, far from diverse in its fanservice tastes

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Story & Art: Nozomu Tamaki

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