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Episode 7

by Lauren Orsini,

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Sleep disorders are no joke. Anyone who has ever had a nightmare will appreciate the magical escapism of “Scary Dreams Are Okay Because I'm Not Alone.” In episode seven of How to keep a mummy, the fourth character is finally introduced, along with his adorable problem-solving new pet. Daichi's need for his mythological pet is the most urgent yet, and perhaps that's what makes this episode's happy ending the most gratifying so far.

Nobody in school wants to approach Tachiaki Daichi, a punk with an attitude problem. He's so unpredictably violent that he was even banned from the nurse's office! But that's nothing to our cheerful and sunny Sora, who ignores the warning signs and decides to get close to this delinquent at his own peril. Only Sora, who believes in supernatural creatures for good reason, would have had the good sense to remove the wards Daichi had placed around his apartment. That's all the encouragement that Mukumuku needs to show up and start eating Daichi's dreams.

Mukumuku is a baku, a Japanese folklore beast that looks a lot creepier in Google Image Search than it does in this adorable show. Legends say the baku is a double-edged sword—rely on its nightmare-eating abilities too often, and it will eat your good dreams and aspirations as well. Apparently, Daichi is such a fount of constant night terrors that this isn't a concern. In fact, he's so full of bad dreams that Mukumuku decides to extend his stay and become Daichi's permanent pet.

After catching up on the sleep he has missed for his whole life until now, Daichi returns with a new hairstyle and a charming disposition. He fits in almost perfectly with Sora's crew (he just has to get past prickly Tazuki first, who he offended in a sleep-addled daze, and Mii-kun is thrilled to help). It turns out that Mukumuku is just as charmed by Mii-kun, Conny, and Isao as they are by him (when they're not piling on him like a pack animal), so happy endings all around! This cuteness is more welcome than usual after the hell that Daichi has been through until now. The other three pets weren't solving such immediate problems. Mii-kun is helping Sora over the trauma of an injured sparrow he found years ago. Conny is helping Tazuki open up and express his feelings more. Isao is helping Motegi see past her phobia of lizards. But without Mukumuku, Daichi would just be a mess. I suspect there's more to his story too—notice the conspicuous scar on his neck? Just like with the scar on Tazuki's arm, there's definitely a story behind it. Though the ending was a little flat (Daichi just says "later" before the credits roll), this episode was packed with the sweetness and heart we've come to expect from How to keep a mummy.

By the way, did you notice Sanrio mascot Pompompurin sitting on Daichi's desk? How to keep a mummy was produced in collaboration with Sanrio Puroland (just like Sanrio Boys but less obvious), and I am sure Mii-kun plushes will be for sale there before long. You can also learn the dance moves to the ending theme, “Rosetta Stone,” with Hello Kitty, Mii-kun, and friends.

Rating: B+

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