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Insomniacs After School
Episode 7

by MrAJCosplay,

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Insomniacs After School ?
Community score: 4.6

©Makoto Ojiro, Shogakukan/Insomniacs After School Production Committee

As much as I would love to sit here and talk about rambunctious teenagers enjoying themselves on the school roof while checking out the fireworks, I think we all know that's not where the real heart of this episode lies. The moment Ganta and Isaki returned to the observatory after the fireworks show, Insomniacs After School again proves why it is likely one of the best romance anime this season. And that's saying a lot, considering how well romance fans have been eating well this season.

I wasn't expecting us to be paid off by the grim foreshadowing we got in the last episode regarding Isaki's health condition: it turns out she was born with an irregular heart that could have potentially made it difficult for her to live a normal life. Thankfully, according to her, that is no longer an issue at this point. However, the fact that there is something fundamentally "wrong" with her body is a major source of anxiety for her, which appears to be the root cause of her insomnia. This would also explain why Ganta's heartbeat seems to provide her with a sense of safety and comfort, enabling her to sleep around him. I hope this show doesn't attempt a dramatic and upsetting return of the heart condition, similar to Your Lie in April, because I genuinely care for this couple and want to protect them with my life.

There is something about how the show portrays teenagers dealing with anxiety, and how it affects their ability to interact with others, striking a chord with me. When Ganta explains that he doesn't enjoy attending festivals because of how the external stimuli affect him, it's understandable even if you don't relate to it. But that message of how you never really understand others' struggles because everybody puts up a different front or deals with things differently is also noteworthy. We've spent most of the show feeling sorry for our two leads, who have been largely misunderstood by those around them. I'm really happy that this revelation made Isaki feel safe enough to reveal what must have been a very heavy personal history to Ganta, and I love how he takes full responsibility for that knowledge.

He wants to be somebody she can rely on and makes an effort to find a really cute and unique way for them to support each other even when they're apart. The directing and imagery at the end of the episode genuinely got me to choke up a little bit. I love how listening to each other on the radio broadcast felt like they were lying next to each other in their little world. Ganta's excitement when his plan helped Isaki fall asleep, which allowed him to sleep at the end was just the cherry on top. Similar to a previous episode, if the show ended right here, I would be more than satisfied. I'm glad there's more because the way this show utilizes its unique premise to talk about such personal topics while facilitating a very sweet and genuine romance is nothing short of incredible.


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