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Episode 3

by Theron Martin,

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NOTE: For these reviews, I will use end notes to clarify various jokes and references that may not be obvious to those who have not seen all four series featured in Isekai Quartet.

Episode 3 introduces one new character, so let's start with him first. Given that two of the top generals from Saga of Tanya the Evil are the principal and vice-principal of this peculiar school, it's probably no surprise that Lieutenant Colonel Erich von Rerugen ends up being another teacher.(1) I would have been disappointed if he hadn't shown up in some capacity, given how crucial a role he plays in Saga of Tanya the Evil. He also seems to have an interesting new power to compel obedience without actually exerting any mind control. Roswaal hasn't used anything of the sort yet, but it begs the question if all teachers at this school have that ability. That would certainly be in line with Demiurge's supposition that they are in some kind of compulsory field, which makes sense since it limits all of the powerful individuals present from randomly wreaking havoc without consequences.(2)

But that's basically it for world-building; big questions like where the groups will go when they leave school will have to wait for another episode and may never prove relevant at all. The real focus is on the fun interactions between characters from different series. As diametrically opposed as their personalities may be, Overlord's Albedo and Re:Zero's Rem coming to an understanding about love is amusingly cute. So is the way that Tanya's male subordinates react to the prickly Beatrice; given that she's about the same height (and seems to be the same age) as their Major, that scene had to show up sometime. Aqua pulling the “Goddess Bless You” when Tanya sneezes is also a great gag. Though not exactly a joke, Tanya surmising that Ains might have something to do with the Being X who torments her, and thus wanting to speak to Ains about it privately, is also entirely in-character. I can't wait until next episode to see how that conversation shakes out. On the more insular side, I am just as curious to see what Subaru comes up with for his “special skill” that he can actually show to everyone.(3) This upcoming show-and-tell mixer should be quite the catastrophe.

While the wit and caliber of this episode is a slight step down from last week, I still love what's being done with this project. The balance of the four series is nearly perfect, the irony of their interactions is deliciously rampant, and the anticipation for future events is great. Also see this post in our forums for a translation of the ending animation dialogue.

  1. Rerugen is a strategist in the High Command of Tanya's country who's familiar with the brutal practicality of Tanya's methodology, possibly the only character in that story who fully understands the true extent of her monstrousness.
  2. Demiurge is the true brains of the Great Tomb of Nazarick in Overlord, and Ains acting like he already knew what Demiurge has figured out is a running joke.
  3. Subaru is unable to talk about his “Return by Death” ability to anyone, and no one can really perceive it because he's the only one who retains memories when he time-jumps from the reset.


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