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Episode 6

by Theron Martin,

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I suppose I should have seen this development coming; few things are more intrinsic to high school anime than a Class Rep figure. It's mildly surprising that deciding on a Class Rep does not raise the commotion that would have been expected given the egos at play and the way it looked like Aqua was going to start a squabble by nominating herself.

Fortunately, Emilia's personality and background(1) make her perfect for the role of Class Rep. She has the warm friendly demeanor and soft touch that should allow her to coax difficult personalities into cooperating, and she won't rub the authoritarian figures the wrong way either. And while she's generally inoffensive and would probably be one of the last characters in the room to resort to her magic, her little spirit friend makes her quite capable of going toe-to-toe with just about anyone in the room if needed. (Even Ains' crew would hesitate to piss that cute thing off if they knew what he was capable of.) In fact, Emilia and the other “random” picks are a little too perfect, so I fully agree with Beatrice that Roswaal is up to something, despite him sidestepping the issue.

Of course, that also means that there's all sorts of potential in the results. Tanya is a natural for the discipline committee given her past(2), and pairing her with Nazarick's tactician is downright scary. The way Kazuma is caught between Demiurge's charm effect and Tanya's natural intimidation factor is quite amusing, as is the two of them becoming chummy over shared notions on rules. This is a disaster waiting to happen for class morale, and I love it! The only other committee we get to see is the Gym committee, which puts Tanya's male subordinates with Cocytus and Darkness, the latter of whom dominates the scene by being herself; for all the strong personalities in this collection, hers may be one of the most formidable. I don't see anyone except Albedo and maybe Shalltear being able to handle her.

The other groups we'll presumably see in action next time around. They could be amusing too, as there are a few other cases of natural choices being paired with choices so catastrophically bad that they should be quite funny; Aura(3) being paired with Aqua(4) for Animal Care (but where are the animals?) looks like an especially juicy combo. I'll talk more about those next time because this is basically just a transition episode to set up the next few. Though it doesn't have much for big laugh-out-loud moments, this episode does provide an excuse for the various characters to thoroughly mix and interact, serving the series' overall purpose well.

  1. As a silver-haired half-elf, Emilia was widely-shunned because she resembled the description of a legendary witch. Because of that, she had trouble making friends until Subaru came along.
  2. She was once fully prepared to kill a trainee who thought he could slack off under her watch, which is the primary reason that Rerugen regards her as a monster.
  3. She's a specialist at beast-summoning.
  4. Aqua has been swallowed by giant toads and literally used as bait for crocodiles.


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