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Episode 6

by Paul Jensen,

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With the conflict over the Wam mostly resolved, Shindo's next task is to find a new location for zaShunina's giant Kado cube. After all, parking it in the middle of a major airport isn't exactly an ideal solution. A less disruptive spot is found and plans are made to move the object. Shindo gets a brief chance to go home and visit his family, while Hanamori finally gets to leave the bizarre space inside the cube. With the move completed, zaShunina reveals the next step in his plan for advancing humanity.

Frankly, it feels like the series ducks around some major consequences at the beginning of this episode. After all that talk about anyone being able to make a DIY version of the Wam, it turns out that it's not quite as easy as Shinawa makes it look. We're told that people will eventually get the hang of it, but it seems awfully convenient that the show doesn't have to deal with a bunch of impulsive humans messing around with unlimited energy. We do at least get a vaguely plausible explanation for this, with zaShunina pointing out that you need a particular mindset to construct the Wam. There's clearly a lot of ground that this story still needs to cover, so I'm willing to put up with a little bit of narrative hand-waving to keep the plot rolling along.

In the midst of all the big-picture stuff, this episode also sets some time aside for a bit of character development. Sending Shindo home for an afternoon is a welcome move, as it adds a more personal touch to the series. Negotiating with a visitor from another universe isn't exactly the most relatable activity, so this little homecoming goes a long way towards making Shindo seem more like an actual person. Heck, we even get a moment of humor thanks to his silly disguise. The only thing I'm not so sure about in this scene is the visual direction, which appears to blend some traditional animation in with the CG stuff. Call me crazy, but it just looks a little weird.

The personal stuff is a welcome addition, but this episode's most impressive moment is easily the Kado cube's journey to its new resting place. The image of the cube rolling and rotating its way through the city brings back the feeling of awe that accompanied the rainbow box's initial appearance. It's a big reminder that the characters are dealing with something beyond their comprehension, a level of technology so advanced that it might as well be magic. That awe quickly transitions into something more ominous when zaShunina announces his intention to get rid of humanity's need for sleep. This is a much more unsettling development than the introduction of the Wam, since it implies that zaShunina wants to alter humans on a biological level. The way he does it is also kind of spooky; Shindo is essentially “processed” without consent, and zaShunina only tells him about it after the fact. If humanity went into a panic over free energy, just imagine what the world's response to this next step will be.

By keeping us in the dark about zaShunina's ultimate goal, KADO The Right Answer is able to inject some suspense into what could have otherwise been a dull episode. We're reminded that Shindo and his fellow humans are dealing with a powerful and mysterious entity, and that's an exciting proposition. Even though this episode does make a misstep or two, the big picture is as compelling as it's ever been.

Rating: B+

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