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Komi Can't Communicate Season 2
Episode 20

by MrAJCosplay,

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Komi Can't Communicate (TV 2) ?
Community score: 4.5

You know, in this episode about a bunch of high schoolers going on a school field trip for the first time, I never thought that one of the most interesting and relatable characters would be a tour guide. But I guess that's just a testament to the uncanny ability of Komi-san to find enjoyment in the most mundane of things. If you are someone who looked at tour guides the way that this woman did when she was a child, please share your story with the world because I genuinely want to learn more about you the way that I genuinely wanted to learn more about this woman. Her reaction to the class and their antics was already cute on its own, but as someone who does work with kids, I related deeply to the frustration she was feeling while trying to get everybody on the same page. The same goes with her frustration at seeing Komi and Tadano together and knowing that these two are clearly made for each other and need to just get married already…but I digress.

There wasn't any real conflict in this episode outside of some tension introduced at the beginning with all of the characters being separated into groups and dealing with the anxiety that comes with that. I do like the two girls that Komi was paired with and, similar to Tadano, they seem to have found some kind of solidarity in the fact that they are some of the more unremarkable characters in the class. It's a good explanation for why we have literally seen nothing of them up until this point, but it's also a bit of a missed opportunity that they are seemingly sidelined right after they were introduced. Maybe we'll see more of them next episode?

What wasn't a missed opportunity though was all of the guys bonding in an incredibly wholesome and quirky way at the end. It's kind of interesting that Komi was anxious about going on a school field trip because it's a difficult environment for people to relate in, especially when you're forced to basically spend time with classmates that you might know nothing about. I think this episode, if nothing else, did a good job of showing how common that sense of anxiety is, and how everyone has to find their own way to overcome it. I genuinely believe that when this arc is done, this class will probably be closer than they ever were before, and I can't help but walk away from that notion with a smile on my face.


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