Magical Circle Guru-Guru
Episode 7

by Amy McNulty,

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This week's Magical Circle Guru-Guru sends our heroes on another humorous side quest while also setting the stage for the next phase of the battle against Demon King Giri. Episode 7 also marks the return of Old Man North-North, a.k.a. Adberg Erdle, who's more or less become the show's mascot character. While the flexible senior works better in small doses, he's all but run into the ground this week—perhaps because the show wants the audience to find him as grating as the other characters do. The overall structure of the latest installment is also somewhat unique for this series, as it features a clear-cut beginning, middle, and end.

Continuing immediately after the previous chapter left off, episode 7 opens with Nike and Kukuri encountering Old Man North-North, who's on the hunt for a new successor following Mig's rebuke. The old man then leads the duo to a hidden fairy village (which is also the home of Grielle from episode 2), where they're promptly tasked with defeating a group of Giri's minions that have holed up on a nearby mountain. However, this latest quest is continuously hindered by a meddlesome group of fairies who are intent on seeing Nike and Kukuri's relationship progress to the next level. Despite a number of obstacles, Kukuri is ultimately able to vanquish their newest foes by once again summoning Behm Behm with Guru Guru magic.

To express his gratitude, the village chief guides our heroes to an ancient Migu Migu shrine, where they're greeted by the spirit of the Migu Migu Clan's leader, Barckweener, who reveals the secret to defeating Giri. Since this world's magic is ruled by regional daemons, Kukuri needs to gain the approval of each region's daemon, a task only a Guru Guru user can accomplish. Nike must also gain the approval of the four kings of the natural world (wind, water, fire, and earth) and receive a special sword from each of them. Shortly after resuming their journey, Nike and Kukuri learn of a demon named Satanachia who's trying to resurrect a daemon called Siren, paving the way for their next big battle.

Despite being a generally entertaining half hour, episode 7 doesn't really break any new ground for the show's humor. As usual, posturing villains, eccentric old men, and Kukuri's suppressed romantic feelings account for the vast majority of the jokes. Turning Adberg into the series' Meg Griffin is an interesting choice, especially since the other characters' disdain for him tends to be funnier than the character himself. While he was instrumental in teaching Kukuri about the nature of Guru Guru magic, he now serves as the perpetual butt of the joke. His continued presence suggests that he may once again prove important down the line, however.

Although the light romantic tension between Nike and Kukuri plays a prominent role in this week's story, the relationship dynamic doesn't undergo any notable change. However, given the madcap nature of this show and the young age of both its leads, it's hard to picture these two becoming a full-fledged couple until the very end—if then. (Still, the fairies' obsessive desire to pair them up proved to be a fun hindrance to the episode's quest.) Whether Satanachia turns out to be a menacing force or just blustering one-shot villain, it'll be entertaining to see how our heroes tackle the next leg of their journey.

Rating: B

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