Magical Circle Guru-Guru
Episode 9

by Amy McNulty,

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Nike, Kukuri, and their party members finally make their way into the Endless Tower in another eventful installment of Magical Circle Guru-Guru. As usual, quite a bit of narrative ground gets covered this week, but the proceedings don't feel as condensed as usual, as the episode sticks to telling a single story for the most part. New addition Toma also appears to have found his role within the party—acting as the straight man to the rest of the group's shenanigans. Featuring some interesting developments in the show's overarching plot and the usual plethora of clever gags, episode 9 marks another fun, lively chapter in the Guru-Guru saga.

At the beginning of the episode, our heroes discover that the Migu Migu ruins they stumbled upon are actually Kukuri's birthplace, complete with a Guru-Guru-centric nursery. The gang also finds a message from Kukuri's parents, as well as a music box and a dress intended for their daughter. For Kukuri to cultivate a true affinity for Guru-Guru, her folks advise her to develop a genuine love for dancing. Freshly energized, the party uses a magical circle to escape the valley and return to entrance of the Endless Tower, where they briefly do battle with the characteristically ineffectual Raid. After making their way into the tower and facing several humorous challenges, the group finds a secret room that can only be opened by a member of the Migu Migu Clan, where they meet Mogul, a grass spirit who guards the tower. Mogul entrusts Kukuri with a magical flute that will break the daemon's seal when played by a Migu Migu on the tower's top floor, thus setting the stage for the next phase of the quest.

With Kukuri discovering that her parents—and indeed, other members of the Migu Migu Clan—may still be alive, it feels like the show is making some progress in its overarching plot. In an off-the-wall comedy that often emphasizes humor over plot, somber moments like Kukuri dancing in the dress her parents left behind can add some heart to the proceedings and remind us that these characters are more (albeit not much more) than joke delivery systems. The slightly relaxed pacing also gives the audience time to digest and appreciate all the progress that's made this week. Given this show's track record, it's surprising the gang doesn't knock out the entire tower in one episode.

Toma and Old Man North-North prove more useful than in previous installments, with both of them stepping up to defeat the tower's second obstacle. While Toma has comfortably settled into his tsukkomi role, the eccentric senior continues to act as the show's Dr. Zoidberg. I'm not particularly opposed to mean-spirited humor, but even I felt a little sorry for Erdle this week, as our heroes could be barely be troubled to acknowledge his presence, much less show concern for his safety. At this point, hopefully the old man will score a few more victories, if for no other reason than to earn a modicum of respect.

The quest to defeat Siren—and eventually Giri—is given added depth this week as Kukuri begins to unravel the mystery of her past. Of course, this being Magical Circle Guru-Guru, the drama is short-lived and quickly eclipsed by the rampant silliness. With any luck, the revelations introduced in episode 9 will provide a solid roadmap for the plot moving forward.

Rating: B+

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