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Episode 62

by Sam Leach,

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With the Provisional License Exams over, MHA's third season is in a funky spot with having to pace its final episodes, which are more of a prologue for next season's arc than a finale in their own right. Since this series tends to alternate between more epic stories and low-key exam arcs, it's becoming a pattern for these seasons to be front-heavy. It's negligible in the big picture, but I'm excited to see what's next and I'm not ready to have to wait on season four!

The first half of this episode gives us a closer look at Twice, the kooky Deadpool-wannabe from the League of Villains. The real Twice is not at all what I expected, being more of a grizzled, sunken-eyed tough guy than a comedic goofball. His Quirk gives him the ability to duplicate things, including himself. His backstory is just straight-up the movie Multiplicity, except instead of being a fun romp for the whole family, he and his clones mercilessly killed each other, and now he lives in existential dread because he can never be sure if he's the original or not.

With Shigaraki and company, the villains of this series have routinely been vindictive, those who hate hero society and want to take it down a peg. The opening of this episode aims to shine a light on those who get lost in the shuffle of the more spectacular heroes vs. villains dilemma. For someone like Twice, the villains offer him a place to belong. He was a criminal in his past, so he was never going to be the type of person that heroes fought to protect. Twice's story is played alongside newscasters debating the merits of Endeavor as the new number one ranked hero, so this society caught between contradicting definitions of heroism is looking more and more troubled.

Heading back over to U.A. and the kids—sans Midoriya and Bakugo who are currently under suspension—are being primed on the next stage of their training, which will be hero work studies, a more intensive version of their internships. By the end of the episode, we're being introduced to a trio of upperclassmen, titled "The Big Three" (insert joke about One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach here), who are considered to be U.A.'s top students and the most likely candidates to one day take over All Might's position as the number one hero. This is another case where we've spent so much time with our 1-A kids that we forget that a world exists outside of them, meaning the series can constantly introduce new faces with "oh no, these characters are the actual strongest ones!" The most noteworthy of these three is the eccentric dead-eyed blondie who's a dead ringer for Vault Boy from Fallout/Lucas from Mother 3/Tintin.*

*Look, manga readers already took the best jokes a long time ago.

My Hero Academia's kind of stuck in exposition mode for these last two episodes, though that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I found the first half's vignette about Twice to be very effective in illustrating the state of a hero world falling apart, and I'm looking forward to getting to know The Big Three. This feels like a necessary step for the story as it digs into some nitty gritty world-building and manages to be pretty entertaining as we coast into the season's non-climax.

Rating: B+

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