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My Home Hero
Episode 8

by Richard Eisenbeis,

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My Home Hero ?
Community score: 3.8

©Naoki Yamakawa, Masashi Asaki, Kodansha/“MY HOME HERO” Animation Committee

When it comes down to it, Tetsuo is a man of planning more than anything else. Aside from the original murder, every step has been intricately plotted. He's spent time thinking about where and how things could go wrong and built backup plans for when they inevitably do. Now, this is not to say he doesn't know how to think on his feet—his interpersonal skills have been a boon for him when it comes to information gathering. However, there is a difference between seizing an unexpected opportunity and having your plans fall apart around you.

Last episode, Tetsuo and Kasen had switched to “Plan B”—i.e., framing someone else for the murder. The general idea is simple: find out where one of the yakuza lives and plant Nobuto's remains. Of course, Majima is the prime target for this, as he is the one Tetsuo has the most contact. And everything seemed to be going according to plan. They hacked Majima's computer, got a GPS delivered to his mailbox, and even learned his room number. All that was left was to break into Majima's apartment.

Of course, while Tetsuo is well-read when it comes to committing crimes, he's still an amateur at performing them. Sure, it looks easy to bypass a lock, but if you've never done it, it's far easier said than done. Then, he decides to try entering the apartment from the roof—but when that proves difficult, he faces a vital choice. Does he press on and risk being caught, or does he give up on his plan to plant evidence and return to where he's supposed to be chained up?

This is a pivotal moment for Tetsuo. Up until now, things have worked out due to his dogged persistence. But now, he is off-book and at a major disadvantage. What he is facing is your typical sunk-cost fallacy. He's so close to his goal and has put so much into it—it seems like a waste to back off now. However, Tetsuo makes the smart choice. Getting caught means that everything is over. Giving up on this specific plan leaves him no worse off than before. After all, just because this chance didn't work out doesn't mean there won't be others. When gambling with your life and your family's, the most important thing isn't to win every hand but the overall game. You have to know when to fold a bad hand—thankfully, Tetsuo seems to.

And as luck would have it, he can come up with a new plan of attack—one that gives Majima an additional suspect and makes him fear for his safety. This, in turn, lets Tetsuo scout Majima's apartment—and, better still, allows Kasen to move freely. The time limit is closing in, and the stakes are high—but our heroes aren't finished yet.


Random Thoughts:

• If this story had taken place in the 90s, Majima would have seen Tetsuo for sure. Smartphones have made sure we are almost always distracted any time we have to wait for any length of time.

• I know lock picking is illegal in Japan but I'm still surprised his lock picking “tool” was blurred out—especially since he's basically just using a coat hanger.

• Kasen hits those crocodile tears hard.

• I'm not sure if we're supposed to sympathize with Majima now that we know he truly does want to open a restaurant with his mom—but I don't. He clearly learned the wrong lesson when it came to the yakuza killing his father.

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