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by Theron Martin,

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Shockingly, the main character of Overlord actually has a substantial role in this episode! This marks only the third or fourth episode out of 10 where that's happened. Even then, he's not the focal point character; except for one brief flashback to Ains' Yggdrasil days, everything that transpires in this episode is centered on either Tuare or Princess Renner, with Ains just functioning as head boss again. But as has been the norm, enough is going on that the episode remains wholly involving despite his decentralized role.

This episode starts with the scene most conspicuously missing from last episode: Sebas must explain himself to Ains directly. The result is a mix of surprise and predictability. Unsurprisingly, Ains is stern but forgiving, though he does require a loyalty test from Sebas. I'm actually surprised that Sebas didn't shy from trying to deliver a killing blow to Tuare when ordered to do so, but that only reaffirms his unshakable loyalty to Nazarick takes precedent even over his compassion. More unsurprisingly, Sebas arranges for Tuare to be brought into the Nazarick fold, which Tuare even readily requests over being set up with wealth and a clean memory elsewhere. That Ains ultimately agrees to this under the premise of Tuare becoming Nazarick's cook is supported by the episode's most unexpected twist: Tuare is the elder sister that Swords of Darkness member Ninya (from the first season) was seeking, so Ains passes off putting Tuare under Nazarick's protection as payback for what he learned about the world from Ninya's diary. That provides the expected crucial link to pit Nazarick against the Eight Fingers directly, as of course she was going to get kidnapped by them before the end of the episode. It's also a revelation loaded with irony, given the way Ninya died and how Tuare almost met the same fate.

The action isn't just on Nazarick's side either. Princess Renner advances her plans to raid various Eight Fingers strongholds on the heels of Climb's success last episode, first with Blue Rose and later with her half-brother and his compatriot Marquis – the same two Climb encountered previously. At the Marquis' request, Renner shows her real face for just a moment, making it clear that she's a full-blown yandere when it comes to Climb; putting her in the power position of their relationship makes for a nice (and perhaps deliberate) contrast to the Zaryusu/Crusch pairing from earlier in the series. I also find it entertaining how she seamlessly maintains her airhead aura while displaying a ferociously devious intelligence, capable of stunning even her scheming elder brother. If her brother's smart, he'll go out of his way to make sure she stays happy, since this is not a sister you'd want to make your enemy. The Marquis may actually be a decent guy, and he certainly seems to be aware of the threat she could pose.

These quality character portrayals are still ably supporting this series. I love how the series is handling Tuare, and I'm curious about what Demiurge wants to investigate. Albedo's reaction to Ains' orders concerning Tuare are also interesting, as she seems to be forming a contrast to Sebas; whereas Sebas' own opinions didn't overcome his loyalty to Ains, Albedo's loyalty to Ains doesn't subsume her own negative opinions toward humans.

While I might otherwise criticize the series for taking such a measured pace, the way it has handled its characters and storyline more than compensate for the occasional tedium that may arise.

Rating: B+

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