Overlord II
Episode 11

by Theron Martin,

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The time for character development and scheming is done; the high-level action beatdown that the series has been slowly building toward is finally at hand. At long last, we get to see Sebas whoop some ass, along with the first encounter between the minions of Nazarick and Blue Rose, and none of it disappoints. As a bonus, we even finally get to see how one of the most curious scenes in this season's opener came about.

To be clear, these action scenes are hardly animation masterpieces; in terms of visual quality, Overlord remains decidedly middle of the pack. Overlord's fights have always been more about dramatic imagery, shot selections, and staging than actual animation, and that remains the stylistic approach here. This may even work to the series' advantage concerning Sebas, as his fighting style involves brutally swift punches that take the heads off three of four Eight Fingers elites before they even know what hit them. In other circumstances, such a swift resolution might be anticlimactic, but we've been waiting a long time to see Sebas go all-out and prove his show-stopping power.

He's not the only Nazarick member to get in on the action this week. Entoma, the masked member of the Pleiades, gets to fight Blue Rose while performing clean-up duty at the abode of an Eight Fingers target that Blue Rose also happened to be pursuing. Since they share an enemy, this fight could have been avoided if Entoma hadn't been chomping on a human limb at the time, but hey, everyone has their faults. You certainly can't blame the burly warrior woman for mistaking Entoma for a monster (and her appearance when unmasked doesn't help either). This fight has a series of nice exchanges as one of the ninja twins and Evileye get in on the action, showing us that it takes a trio of Blue Rose members to subdue a lesser Nazarick minion – and even then they may not have been as successful against another of the Pleiades, as Evileye's Vermin Bane is unusually effective against a being like Entoma. To cap things off, Demiurge gets in on the action too.

That bring us to the dramatic arrival of Ains in his adventurer get-up as the fight becomes desperate for Evileye. We know from the opener that he's going to fight a masked Demiurge, so I have to think that the “Gehenna” plan that Demiurge mentioned earlier was a mock battle between him and Ains that will get this overlord into the good graces of the most powerful adventurers of the land. (This would also mean that the person Demiurge told the others that they weren't allowed to attack was Ains in his adventurer form.) Even if it isn't a serious battle, next episode should still deliver one hell of a flashy scrap. Zero also remains unaccounted-for on Sebas's end, and I don't buy for a second that the person Brain and Climb found was actually Tuare, so maybe they'll get a fight too. Props also to the thematically effective use of music in this episode; the series' score as a whole has been strong in an unobtrusive way, and I feel remiss in not praising it more.

If there's only 12 episodes in this season, then we should be in for one heck of a finish next episode. As a final thought for those wondering about the episode title, Jaldabaoth is a name associated with Demiurge in certain Gnostic mythological systems. That the “Yaldabaoth” in that case bears little resemblance to the one in this series suggests this reference isn't meant to be taken deeply.

Rating: B+

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