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by Theron Martin,

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If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Overlord would deliver a full-on sex scene, I probably wouldn't have believed you. And yet, here it is: Ains and his minions accidentally spying on some sweet lizard man love between Zaryusu and Crusch, complete with their highly-expressive tails preciously intertwined. Apparently they didn't waste any time getting busy after Crusch's big declaration in the final scene of last episode.

Ains' reaction to this (see the screenshot) is possibly the funniest moment in a sequel that's had no shortage of humor. Although Shalltear's punishment – to be used as a human chair by Ains – could be seen as demeaning, it's amusing that he would even think up such a thing, as is how ecstatic Shalltear seems to “suffer” that punishment and how jealous Albedo gets over it; her demurely stepping out of the room so as not to throw a fit in Ains' view is also a highlight. Ains' ruminations about how to explain child-conception to Aura and Mare also delivers some humor, since he seems to regard them as much younger and more childish than they probably are. Regardless, this scene does better than most in working comical asides into Overlord.

But that's all just a sidelight to the real meat of the episode: bringing the lizard man tribes under Nazarick's dominion. When it's finally time to get down to business, Cocytus doesn't hold back much. He's come to respect their mettle and potential enough to give them a proper fight, but they are simply too low-level comparatively to do anything against him, no matter what tactics they use. The result is the slaughter we expected dressed up like a battle, so I have to give the staff credit for putting serious effort into trying to make the fight exciting. However, that doesn't entirely prevent it from being anticlimactic. Cocytus actually killing Zaryusu was a little unexpected, as I honestly thought he might just lay out Zaryusu instead, but at least that allows Ains to step in and play the canny villain, offering to bring Zaryusu back to life under the pretense of Crusch serving as his spy against any attempts at rebellion among the lizard men. Zaryusu's speech being limited as a side-effect of the resurrection was also a nice little detail.

Moments like Ains' declaration that he'd consider bringing the others back if there was something in it for him make me wonder how much Ains is just playing the villain at this point and how much he actually is becoming a villain. That's something that the story has not touched on so far this season. Granted, the lizard man arc was a distraction, but it wasn't discussed much during the first season either. It's something that the story should explore more.

For now though, the lizard man arc gets a proper wrap-up, so presumably we'll get to see one of the new stories featured in the opening theme next.

Rating: B

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