Quintessential Quintuplets ∬
Episode 9

by Nicholas Dupree,

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Al-fuckin'-right Quints, we're in it now. Let's get nervous. Let's get nauseous. Let's FUCKING GO.

Alright, ok, I'm calm. I'm responsible. I have a whole other 20 minutes of this episode before we talk about that final scene. So let's get down to it.

So first off, this study-based story finally sees fit to just lump all of the important characters into one class, which makes shenanigans at school easier, and that's already paying off pretty well. With all of the sisters together there are tons of new ways to pester Futaro, and it's both funny and heartwarming to see Yotsuba strongarm him into engaging with the rest of their classmates. Plus it's pretty fitting that he becomes the rest of the class' cheat sheet for telling the sisters apart. There are some short gags about some sparkly dude in the back of the class, and I can't tell if he's a new character or if I should recognize him, but either way he's only in two scenes so I can't really be bothered.

Outside of class, Ichika finally proposes to splitting their rent five ways, pushing the rest of the girls to get jobs. Nino predictably wins herself a position at the bakery Futaro works for, and proceeds to show how much more fun romcoms can be when one or both parties are just upfront about their feelings. Instead of nervously blushing and pratfalling into misunderstandings, she and Futaro are able to have an actual, honest conversation about her confession – and her uncertainty at the new job – in a way that just wouldn't be possible otherwise. It continues to be refreshing, plus her open flirting with him at work is just adorable. I'd absolutely be using this as the review image if it weren't for, well, you know. And when it turns out Itsuki's freelancing as an online food critic to pay rent it all comes full circle! This isn't anything super eventful, but it's cute and charming in the way you want from a romcom subplot.

And then, of course, there's Ichika. Ohohoho Ichika. To think I ever doubted that she could compete! But it turns out the fumbling attempts at meet-cutes, the pretend sleeping – it was all just a prelude to the big messy war crime she commits at the end of this episode. Really, with the whole quintuplets gimmick it was only a matter of time until one of them got the bright idea to impersonate the others to stir shit up, but that doesn't make her pretending to be Miku and dropping a bomb on his lap any less wonderful to behold.

“Ichika likes you. I think you'd look good together. I'm rooting for you.”

I cannot tell you how hard I started laughing right then and there. The sheer audacity of it all was enough, but from here it means all bets are off. No crazy twist or contrivance is off the table! With this single shot across the bow of Quints, Ichika's opened up a world of crazy possibilities other harems could only dream of. It's a beautifully messy act that's sure to blow up in everyone's faces, but I'm ecstatic to see how far they can keep it going until then. Have everyone switch identities and confess sideways! Have the sisters kidnap and replace each other mid-date! Make it so neither Futaro nor the audience can ever truly trust which girl he actually married! Lets. Get. Crazy.

So yeah, for as inconsistent as this season has been, if it can manage something as bonkers as this episode's ending promises, I will happily devour the remaining episodes. My only fear is that this is too bold, too revolutionary, and the series will chicken out next week. But for now, I have hope.


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