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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3
Episode 59

by Richard Eisenbeis,

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (TV 4) ?
Community score: 3.6

Calm down, everybody. Calm down. I know it was scary with those episodes of fighting and action but you're safe now, back in the endless series of boardroom meetings and drinking parties that That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has come to embody.

If there is one looming problem with this season of the show, it's giving us character development for our most major players after the big action climax is done. In the last episode, we had this with Hinata—showing us her back story and why she is the way she is. Learning this beforehand would have made the big fight against Rimuru far more impactful—and potentially tragic.

Along the same line, we finally learn the motivations of the Seven Day's Clergy (you know, after they're all dead save one) in this episode. As the main villains of this arc, I had hoped their motivations would expose some larger truth of the world—something that would explain why both Tempest and Hinata needed to be purged on a grand scale.

What we get, sadly, is far more lackluster. Simply put, the Seven Day's Clergy were feeling neglected by Luminous. On one hand, they wanted to prove they were useful by taking over Falmuth and destroying the up-and-coming Tempest—basically making the Holy Empire Lubelius the Western part of the continent's only superpower. On the other, they were jealous. While they had spent centuries doing Luminous' will Hinata appeared and took her position as Luminous' right hand (alongside the Emperor and Pope) in only a few years. Thus, the plan was formed to both curry favor with Luminous and remove their rival for her attention.

While their motivations are human, they seem more than a bit shallow for what came to pass. Was it really impossible for them to ask Luminous to share “her love” with them once again? Did they try any other paths before going behind Luminous' back to do something she explicitly did not want to do? Sure, they were being manipulated from behind the scenes by Yuuki, Cerberus, and the Rosso family but treason like this seems like a last resort, not a first plan.

Regardless, they are dead now and the puppet masters remain in hiding. However, the whole event will have vast ramifications for the entire continent. Luminous recognizing the dwarfs as something other than monsters marks a huge shift in the tolerance of her faith. Soon, it will likely expand to include all creatures capable of communication—bringing an age of peace and trade throughout the West.

Of course, this is the exact kind of unity that could conceivably threaten the East—specifically the Empire. And the fact that they have to pass through Tempest on newly-built roads to get their piece of the pie probably feels like just rubbing salt in the wound. So despite things ending on the best possible note, it's obvious that there will be issues going forward.

It'll be interesting to see where things will go from here—but before we do, I believe there was a massive party being planned. We should get on that.


Random Thoughts:

• Yeah Rimuru, you probably shouldn't tell Luminous all your plans. Sure, she's indebted to you at the moment but she's far from being a loyal friend.

• It's nice to have someone call out Rimuru on all his cheat skill BS—especially another Japanese person like Hinata.

• Raphael's new skill? “Designated driver.”

• I am shocked by the lack of Milim this season. I hope she doesn't end up missing the party as well.

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