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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3
Episode 60

by Richard Eisenbeis,

How would you rate episode 60 of
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (TV 4) ?
Community score: 3.7


It's insane how different this episode feels compared to the rest of the season so far. No joke, a few minutes into this episode, I actually paused it and checked to make sure I was watching Tensura and hadn't clicked a random episode of The Slime Diaries by mistake.

With that said, I'm not actually complaining about this episode. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Rather than anti-climatic battles or boardroom meetings, what we get feels more like checking in on old friends than anything else. We get to see what Vesta and Gabiru have been working on—and how they plan to use the upcoming festival as a recruitment campaign. Then we get to see what Shuna is working on—and in the process get introduced to Yoshida, a chef who was also transported to this world from Japan.

While both of these vignettes are a good bit of silly fun, the real meat of the episode is centered around Rimuru's meeting with Mjöllmile. It is here we learn about Rimuru's plan for the festival—how he plans to use it to promote Tempest as a tourist destination. Better still, we are shown Rimuru's vision through numerous creative scenes that incorporate Mjöllmile—rather than simply showing the two sitting around a table for the vast majority of the episode's runtime.

However, when it comes to the actual plan, I admit to being a bit worried by it. On the economic side of things, it makes sense. Tourists are good for business and will (hopefully) promote the country in a positive light far and wide. The issue I have is that Rimuru hopes to have enough visitors to be able to fill a 50,000-seat colosseum on a semi-regular basis. That's crazy for a city with a population (according to the wiki) of 150,000.

There is no way his security forces could keep his people safe—hell, an enemy could sneak a whole army in with so many tourists arriving daily. While this plan could make his country prosper, it also makes it far more susceptible to harm. Even more concerning, both Mjöllmile and Rimuru seem to see only the upsides of this plan—and do nothing but complement each other. I wonder if we're supposed to be worried about Rimuru's lack of foresight—or if we're simply supposed to be awed by his “brilliance” like all his subordinates constantly are.

Regardless, the episode ends on an interesting note with Rimuru visiting Fuze's adventurer's guild. This gives us a short little scene about how those on the outside view the events of season three—and how they worry with the knowledge that Rimuru is now a full-fledged demon lord. It's some much-needed context that also sets up some additional plotlines for the upcoming festival.

All in all, this is a rather enjoyable episode. Nothing major happens but it has some good character beats and primes us for what is to come. Speaking of which, who's ready for a martial arts tournament arc?


Random Thoughts:

• I love that Rimuru's wax seals for official documents are blue instead of the usual red.

• Have we ever seen Rimuru in a polo shirt before? Because it suits him.

• Raphael didn't have a single line in this episode. I wonder why? Also, when will we get that “serious conversation” between Rahael and Rimuru about what happened during the battle with Hinata?

• You might have missed it but Masayuki is a “Hero” with a capital “H”—as in the type that can kill the Demon Lords. It's been said before that those who call themselves “Hero” are killed by the Demon Lords. So what happens if he comes to the colosseum and runs into Rimuru, Milim, or Ramiris?

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