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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3
Episode 62

by Richard Eisenbeis,

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (TV 4) ?
Community score: 3.9

I had to see a dragon's 'o-face' so now you do too.

This could have been such a cool episode. I mean, Rimuru and Ramiris are basically getting to play god. Together, they are designing their own 100-floor mini-world beneath the Earth. And with Ramiris' power, as long as the design is static, the sky's the limit. While volcanoes and polar regions might be a bit too much, fake outdoor areas with sunny skies or complex, beautiful temples are well within what can be created on a whim. I mean, they even make the dungeon modular to the point that not only can entire floors be rearranged at will but smaller sections of each floor can be exchanged as well.

So what kind of dungeon do they spend this entire episode making? Is it something revolutionary—something to excite the imagination of both viewers and the denizens of the Tensura world? Of course not! What they make is the most bog-standard, video game dungeon you can imagine. I mean, the thing even has checkpoints and a save point system. The traps within are classic RPG staples and Rimuru even goes out of his way to create boss rooms and populate the dungeon with treasure chests.

What's worse yet is that “conveniently” every aspect of a video game dungeon can be recreated in the fantasy world—regardless of the greater implications. A permanent teleport network? Sure. A respawn system? No problem—we can totally ignore the established rules of life and death. Powerful loot for adventurers to find? What a coincidence that our favorite (and often forgotten about) oni, Kurobe, has been making thousands of prototypes that are just sitting around gathering dust. And then the episode ends with Milim just waltzing in and announcing she can just enslave a few dragons as magical batteries if Rimuru wants to go with that whole frozen floor/lava floor thing. Everything just keeps coming up Rimuru—it's almost like the entire world is designed to do whatever he wants at any given moment.

Contrived writing aside, the episode did have some good little character moments. I like watching Rimuru and Ramiris play off of each other in a setting where Ramiris is more than just the butt of every joke. Adding Veldora into the mix is likewise entertaining. While they both play to his ego, it's clear that they care about him—they designed both his apartment and boss room to appeal to his sensibilities after all.

But all in all, this episode felt more like a waste of time than anything else. Technically, everything other than the character beats could have happened off-screen with Rimuru saying “And I made the dungeon just like a randomly generated dungeon you see in games”—and nothing meaningful would have been lost. And that's a letdown if nothing else.


Random Thoughts:

• To respawn, you need to swear loyalty to Ramiris. I'm not sure how the bracelet bypasses that.

• So if Veldora's miasma is what causes the monsters to appear in the dungeon—with stronger monsters spawning closer to him—how are they planning to choose and distribute the boss monsters for each area? I think the logistics of managing the dungeon are going to be way more than Ramiris expects.

• I wonder if Milim came by because she felt Veldora releasing his power or simply because she had heard about the big party Rimuru was planning.

• I would be terrified if I were a ruler visiting Tempest. Veldora and three Demon Lords are just hanging out there—and I expect that both Carion and Frey will be showing up as well (not to mention Hinata). Rimuru may not mean this festival as a show of strength but that is certainly what it is.

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