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The Dangers in My Heart
Episode 8

by MrAJCosplay,

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The Dangers in My Heart ?
Community score: 4.4

©Norio Sakurai(AKITASHOTEN)/The Dangers in My Heart Committee

Technically, there isn't anything shown in this episode that we haven't already seen before: from Anna expressing her desire to get closer to Kyotaro, to Kyotaro still insisting that he's just being teased or made fun of. While nothing here was new, that doesn't mean any of the material is bad. The Dangers in My Heart might be hitting a little bit of a lull, but even with the slowed pacing, I still like seeing these two interact with each other because so much effort has already been put into establishing that relationship. These two are mad at each other, and every interaction feels like adding another piece to a Jenga tower. The question is whether or not the show is content with keeping things the way they are now, or will one of our characters finally push things over the edge?

There is something a little endearing about seeing Anna act like a hyperactive and lovestruck girlfriend in this episode. Every time there's an opportunity to get close to Kyotaro, she takes it: from making an excuse to visit him while he's sick to hoping to learn just a little bit more about him from his mom. I know she's not quite at a point where she's confident enough to be direct with him about her feelings or about all of this maneuvering she's doing to get close to him, but she's more proactive than he is about trying to move the relationship forward. I wonder how far the show intends to go with stretching out Kyotaro's insistence that Anna and her friends think nothing of him. I'm surprised the show is still stretching that out when it has already done such a great job establishing his feelings for her. You could say that he's in denial, but I wonder if something will happen that will eventually make him wake up and realize that there are nicer realities worth accepting.


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