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The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2
Episode 10

by MrAJCosplay,

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The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! (TV 2) ?
Community score: 3.9

It's been a while since we had an episode that I think fully encapsulates exactly what the appeal of the show is supposed to be. After two quick arcs that kind of struggled to find a balance between humor, satire, and plot progression, this episode kind of felt like a breath of fresh air. We got some great antics from Maou and the rest of his henchmen going on and on about just wanting a TV. You'd think that would be boring but when you consider the context that these are powerful demons talking about the practicality of basic necessities and indulging in simple pleasures, it's absolutely hilarious. Both are only punctuated more by the over-the-top voice acting as well as the cartoony facial animations. Even relatively subtle things like the idea of this all powerful angel Gabriel just barely getting by at an Internet Café while he patiently waits for the right time to just casually invite himself in to talk to people is really funny.

However, this episode had more to it than just humor because there were moments of plot progression brought up at multiple angles. Last week we ended with the idea and confirmation that the white-haired chick we saw a few episodes ago was in fact Emi's mom and the reason why she didn't recognize her right away is because she never knew anything about her mom outside of the fact that she was an angel. The way that this character sort of gets talked about is in this vague roundabout way and I feel like this could've been written a bit better. It was probably the only point where I found the writing especially weak.

The best part of this episode was towards the end with the conversation between Gabriel and Urushihara. Gabriel carries himself with this big sense of self-importance and he's confused by the fact that Urushihara would fall down from heaven to work with devils. But Urushihara points out that what he's doing right now is a lot more fun and interesting than what he was doing up with the other angels. Originally he was bored of just sitting there and watching things. Even here in the human world with barely any of his power left and as just a shut-in who buys things off the internet, he's more excited and he takes a lot of pride in himself. It's a simple life but it's also one that leaves him happy.

It's interesting that this is probably one of the first times that it's brought up how almost all of these characters are living better lives together here in the human world than they did in the place where they lived before. In the human world, Emi doesn't have to worry about the church or being a hero and Maou is probably getting a more immediate sense of accomplishment working his part-time job then he did back in the demon realm where he united everyone together only to ultimately fail. I hope the show goes a bit more into it as we start wrapping up this season and as we start pulling the curtain back a bit more about what's going on in the fantasy world.


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