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Episodes 10-11

by Gabriella Ekens,

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Today's Menu for the Emiya family is back on its bullshit again, first with an episode that exemplifies all of its weaknesses, followed by one that showcases most of its strengths. Seriously, the first of these autumnal installments (Fried Chicken: Yummy Even When It's Cold”) exceeds that temple one in its focus on minor characters I don't care about. In this case, it's the Homurahara student council and Shirou's pal Issei, who the show continues to focus on to a bizarre extent. There isn't even a cameo from one of the less represented servants, like Assassin in the Temple episode, to make the story somewhat noticeable. Not even flower boy Cu could save this. I will say that Shirou's fried chicken looked really tasty. I wonder if there's anywhere to get some around my house? That's the problem with reviewing this show – I always have to go eat something right afterwards.

On to the second episode. As an ensemble piece that also (finally) serves as our dedicated Archer episode, it gives almost everyone their own little moments while also letting one character shine in a major way.

So Archer acts as Rin's live-in manservant in his hollow ataraxia peace world. It seems like a pretty good gig for a maternal guy like him, and it's also a sweet deal for a commanding, aristocratic woman like Tohsaka. Anyway, Rin has requisitioned him as her shopping slave for the day, so Archer heads to the park to wait for her. As it happens, Lancer is there looking for a cooking slave and turns to the Redman when badgering this universe's other Shirou doesn't work out for him. Fortunately for the Man in Blue, the beta universe Emiya has a more easily manipulated weakness, Archer becomes chef at Lancer's café following a threat to his pride. As it happens, half of Fate/stay night's cast has decided to eat lunch here today, so we're treated to cute little moments with all of them. Of these, the best is Caster and Souichirou's date as usual – we just don't get to see very much of them in the original VN, so little glimpses at their dynamic go a long way. Anyway, Archer cooks an omelet for Saber (of course) before being confronted by a bemused Rin, who snuck into the café while he was distracted. Rin is happy to see Archer having some fun outside of the house, while he acts embarrassed at having shown a positive emotion.

At least there's always Lancer. Cu Chulainn is my light of hope even in this show's lesser episodes and the glue holding the best ones together. In my time of need, he never abandons me, even when he isn't enough to salvage the latest no-name character snoozefest. Aesthetically, the show is as great as it's always been, sasuga ufotable. One of the few redeeming aspects of that student council episode is that it contains some great action cuts, for basically no other reason than to show off. The episode is still boring, but I can't say it's not pretty.

Next month is the show's conclusion, and you know what that means – it's mapo tofu or bust at this point. If this show goes a full year without bringing up its priest in chief, I don't know what I'll do, but I will say that I can't imagine a better time to introduce him than in our most hallowed month.

Episode 10 Grade: B-

Episode 11 Grade: A

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