Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun Season 2
Episode 21

by Rebecca Silverman,

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The sting of this being the final episode of the season is mitigated by the fact that a third has been announced. So not only does that mean more time with our favorite characters, but also that we get to watch Iruma's potential ambition to become the demon king grow. (And maybe meet Purson – he's visible in the final shots of the Misfit Class in this episode.) Whether they're really Iruma's ambitions is a bit up in the air right now; Sullivan doesn't seem averse to the idea, but Alicred's influence on Iruma is more apparent. While we don't have definitive confirmation that Alicred is the missing Derkila (although honestly, I feel like we may as well), he's certainly been pulling some strings behind the scenes. I'd also hazard a guess that Sullivan knew exactly what it meant when Iruma got the Ring of Solomon and started wearing it on his right hand, because how could one of the demon king's closest retainers, and the one who most people think has the credentials to become the next demon king, not know about the prophecy that Iruma reads in his textbook?

That raises the distinct possibility that Sullivan took in – okay, bought – Iruma not just because he'd always wanted to be a doting grandpa, but also because he'd been looking for the right person to come from another world or far away to fulfill the prophecy. Iruma may have been hand-picked to become Derkila's successor; that would certainly explain some of what's mentioned at the end of this episode, namely that everyone in the Misfit Class has to achieve the fourth rank before being allowed to move up a grade. Our friendly narrator tells us that yes, this is just as unusual as it sounds, even if Royal One wasn't involved. But if Iruma is being eyed as the next king (and his friends as the next group of thirteen crowns, with Ameri to make up the right number), then of course they're going to need everyone to prove themselves. Maybe even the fact that Alicred gave Iruma an evil cycle was all in the service of getting him into Royal One in the first place, so that his bona fides could be proven to the current thirteen crowns. Iruma may not be quite as free with his choices as he thinks he is.

None of that stops him from loving his new life, however, and honestly he'd make a great king. He'd certainly heal the demon race, at least emotionally, because he definitely understands the joys of finally being happy after years of just getting by. Sullivan may not have been looking for a grandson exclusively, but it's hard to deny that he loves spoiling the one he's got – their back to school shopping trip redefines “doting grandpa.” Maybe I just don't want to think that everything could simply be in service of grooming Iruma to be king; sure, we could read Sullivan's purchases in that light if we wanted to, but even if he is, he's still giving Iruma a pretty great life. He knows exactly what Iruma likes and goes out of his way to give it to him, and Iruma is just eating it up, sometimes literally. Opera of course can't keep their suggestions to themselves, and the bit where they suggest the obedience collar for Kalego is amazing. It's also wonderful how they're wearing the weird hat Iruma bought them, although it reminds me of a thought I've had on and off as to whether or not the animal ears on their and Ameri's heads are actually ears or if they function more as soft horns.

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun's second season felt too short, but that's really just a sign of how good it is. By turns heartwarming, funny as hell, and effectively serious, it never loses sight of what makes it work: Iruma himself and the way he relates to everyone around him. Even if season three comes soon, it will feel like a long wait until we get it.


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