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Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun Season 3
Episode 15

by Rebecca Silverman,

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Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun (TV 3) ?
Community score: 4.4

© Osamu Nishi (Akita Publishing)/NHK・NEP

After fifteen episodes, the end is in sight. Obviously, not of the series as a whole, but of this blasted Harvest Festival arc, which has outstayed its welcome by at least six episodes. And now that the end is nigh, things are finally starting to kick up into regular Iruma-kun territory, with the Misfit Class at long last coming together the way they probably should have been from the beginning. It still begs the question of why the teams of Misfit Class participants were actively working against each other in the first place; at this point, my best guess would be that their special tutors may have impressed upon them that this was what they were supposed to do. Or maybe it's just that everyone was rallying around the wrong people—it's only when Clara finds herself in trouble that things start to come together. Elizabetta was horrified that Orobas took on her form when he attacked Lead, but it wasn't until she revealed that Clara was off on her own that Camui and Keroli also snapped to attention. We may have all been thinking that Iruma was the glue that held the Misfit Class together when it was Clara all along.

Or it could be that Clara is widely viewed as the least likely to harm someone else, which makes sense. She's sort of the eternal child, and even her extraordinary power does not cruelly trick anyone; you could argue that she's just allowing people to dive back into a childhood that they have been forced to leave by the wayside as they grow up. Whatever the reason, it's hard to deny that Orobas's attack on Clara is comparable only to his attack on Iruma in terms of its cruelty; it's also worth pointing out that his use of his bloodline ability most endangers Iruma and Clara's lives.

But at least we finally have a reason why Orobas is targeting the Misfit Class specifically. That it isn't truly his wish to go after them is an interesting reveal. He may be frustrated by specifically Asmodeus, Allocer, and Iruma, who consistently get in the way of his desired first place (and the fact that everyone ascribes his perpetual second place position as proof that he is an adherent of a mysterious religion that worships the number two can only be lemon juice in the paper cut), but left his own devices, Orobas would probably take a broader approach to festival domination. It's his creepy black-toothed companion Occho who is behind the whole thing, gleefully pulling Orobas' strings and manipulating him into preying on the Misfit Class specifically. Why Occho has it in for the Misfit Class is still unanswered, but he seems more likely to be involved with past multi-arc bad guys than Orobas.

That may be the most crucial plot question remaining to us, even with this partial answer, but hands down, the most satisfying part of the episode is watching our Three Misfiteers come together again at last. Iruma charging in to save Clara and using up his last arrow on her rather than to get more points is a wonderful moment, and seeing Asmodeus pop up behind Orobas, ready to take him down in any way he needs to in order to protect his friends is a welcome return to one of the things that made this show so much fun all along. Even if the rest of the Misfit Class doesn't join our usual trio and band together to clear this whole festival up, just seeing the gang back together again makes this episode worth it. And even better, the next episode is called “The End of the Harvest Festival,” so the story is finally going to move on.

Now, all we have to do is get up a petition to have Naphula narrate all flashbacks in all anime for the rest of time.


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