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Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun Season 3
Episode 16

by Rebecca Silverman,

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Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun (TV 3) ?
Community score: 4.3

© Osamu Nishi (Akita Publishing)/NHK・NEP

I feel misled – despite the title, this episode is not the end of the Harvest Festival. Or at least it's not the end of the arc, and that feels like it amounts to the same thing, because we've got at least one more episode where everything gets wrapped up. Yes, it's moving at a better clip now, but the reward of seeing how many points everyone has amassed (and the charm of Agares' and Goemon's new friends donating all of their points to the duo) is tarnished by the cliffhanger and the sheer annoyance at having to deal with another episode in this arc.

Even that can't fully detract from the sheer joy of seeing Asmodeus, Clara, and Iruma together again, though. Azz-Azz charging in hands blazing and taking out Orobas is amazing and cathartic, because controlled by Ocho or not, he's been a major thorn in the Misfit Class' side. That Azz is pretty nonchalant about his disqualification because he's already at the required rank feels like the icing on the cake, because literally no one seemed to take this into consideration for fifteen episodes even though it was something they all knew. His goal, as ever, has been to be by Iruma's side and make him proud, and that's something he more than accomplished, even if he can't quite maintain his suavity once Iruma's out of sight. That “Sukima” is something else.

It's a tough call to pick just one Misfit Class MVP, though. Asmodeus' actions are undeniably awesome, but the reveal that Jazz and Allocer have been using Jazz's forfeiture as a tool to take out Orobas is nothing short of excellent. Like Asmodeus' level, the fact that Jazz alone was disqualified is something that's been lurking in the background, and it was easy to forget that Allocer did nothing to merit his presence in the tent. As he points out, there's no rule that keeps players out of it, though, and the livestream of the Festival that's being broadcast for those who have stopped playing is an excellent tool. It also means that everyone has been watching Orobas be a jerk, so they're perfectly willing to help Jazz and Allocer take him down. They represent the shadier side of things: Asmodeus faces him head-on, but Jazz and Allocer work behind the scenes using trickery and disguise. If anything's fair except physical violence, then why not steal back something that is stolen? It's frankly brilliant, and getting the student council's tacit approval affords them an extra layer of security, which is probably a good plan, even if the teachers are all aware of what's going on the whole time.

The wrap-up for Keroli and the castle boys does contribute to the generally positive feel of the festival's finale. Both reaffirm that “demon” doesn't mean “evil” for most people, because everyone is being genuinely selfless. Keroli especially could have taken the animals up on their offer to be turned into ingredients, but she doesn't, and that shows that she hasn't let her powers go to her head. Agares and Goemon are a bit baffled by everyone's kindness, but it's really an affirmation of how well they've acted – they didn't have to take people in, and that they did is more important than winning any contest, hands down.

Things aren't over yet. Lead and Iruma have to grow the legend leaf and neither Azz nor Clara have apparently noticed Naphula, plus we still don't know what Ocho's actual motivation is. As much as I'd like to leave this arc behind, we do need to know at least that, and the glimpse of what looks like Evil Iruma in the preview is also intriguing. I guess we'll just have to stick it out for one more week, using the reunion of the Misfiteers to keep us warm.


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