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How to Report Pop-Ups and Redirects

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Advertising is a necessary evil, as are ad-networks. ANN does it's best to keep invasive ads off the website. We do not allow ads that play sound on load, pop-up, or cover content.

We work with a number of trustworthy advertising platforms to maintain a quality site that is not over-run with ads. These networks aggregate advertising from thousands of different sources. Unfortunately ads that we do not allow sometimes slip through the cracks.

Should you see an ad that isn't allowed on ANN, we've created a way for you to report the ad. This feature provides us with technical information that is extremely important for us to be able to track down the source of the ad you are seeing. While we appreciate forum posts on the matter, and the forum posts can add additional information, the report feature is absolutely necessary.

By using this feature, we are able to collect information about which ad networks are serving ads to you, and we can then report the information to the ad networks. We also collect and provide your IP address and session information so that we can help the ad network track down the exact problematic ad.

Screenshots are very helpful. You can add a link to a screenshot in your report (unfortunately at this time you can not attach a screenshot to the report, so you'll have to upload it elsewhere).

The "report a problem" feature can be used anytime you experience an ad that is abusive, inappropriate, or otherwise problematic.


On mobile, look for the exclamation mark in the menu at the top right of the webpage.


On desktop, look for the exclamation mark in the menu at the bottom right of the browser.

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