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In August we announced that Anime News Network and PacSet Travel will team up for a very special tour of Japan in October 2020. PacSet was founded in 2011 by Evan Miller, a former ANN writer. Since then, dozens of ANN readers have gone to Japan with PacSet and Evan, and we felt it was time to do something special.

Today we are happy to announce that ANN's Lynzee Loveridge will join the ANN in Japan 2020 Tour as your travelling companion for the tour.

Lynzee will be travelling with the group in Japan and be part of all our (mis)adventures as we make our way around Tokyo and Tohoku! As a part of ANN's main editorial staff for almost a decade, Lynzee is in charge of ANN's Interest headlines and co-hosts the popular ANNCast podcast with Zac Bertschy. We are thrilled to have her along for the ride!

As if Lynzee's company wasn't enough, the ANN Japan Tour will be lead by the aforementioned ANN alumni, Evan Miller. Since leaving ANN, Evan has guided hundreds of happy travellers around Japan. Check out a few of the testimonials on the PacSet website. In addition to Lynzee and Evan, other ANN staff will be joining from time to time.

ANN in Japan 2020 will be visiting different parts of Japan, two Japanese festivals, at least one anime studio, the usual must-see otaku locations in Tokyo, visit an onsen, and more...

Finally, we're working on adding even more to the trip every day. So stay tuned for more announcements about additions that we will be making to the trip in the months to come.

On top of that, we've announced the final prices for the trip! ANN in Japan will be retailing for $3,245 a person! In addition, we're also offering the trip with a Round Trip flight to and from Japan from Los Angeles (LAX) for $4,095!

For more about the philosophy behind how this trip is being planned, check out Evan Miller's original blog post here

Full itinerary details can be found here.

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