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7 Slasher Characters Perfect for Halloween

by Lynzee Loveridge,

Just in time for your post-candy Halloween hangover, today's list takes a look at some of anime's most gruesome villains. From the supernaturally powered to perfectly engineered killers, anime has featured some scary villains over the years that would put Jason Voorhees' body count to shame.

7. Takao Hiyama (Future Diary) Everyone in Future Diary is a murdering psychopath to some degree, whether the game made them that way or the messed up circumstances in their life molded them. Takao Hiyama's role in the show is brief but the homeroom teacher-turned-serial killer stalked victims in his town with the help of his Murder Diary. When it comes to being a Michael Myers-style slasher, Hiyama isn't very good. When the game breaks out and he finds himself confronted, his paranoia takes hold causing him to slip up.

6. Dōkoku Shinagawa (Deadman Wonderland) The snake-like killer in Deadman Wonderland is just one of an entire cast of criminals. Prior to his incarceration, Shinagawa moonlighted as a serial killer who attacked women to make trophies out of their skin and hair to keep in the closet of his small apartment. Shinagawa gets extra bonus creeper points for having a back story apparently inspired by Ed Gein.

5. Rikako Oryo (Psycho-Pass) Rikako is by all appearances a well-to-do young lady with an interest in art and Shakespeare. In reality, she makes "art" from her victim's corpses as a vengeful ode to her deceased father. She leaves her "statues" out in public at the behest of series' antagonist Shogo Makishima, who manages to enroll in the school as an art teacher.

4. Genocide Jill (Danganronpa) Genocide Jill is Toko Fukawa's murderous alternate personality. While Fukawa is hardly a chipper person, Genocide Jill is the exact opposite. She's loud, abrasive, and completely nuts. She appears to have weird sexual hang-ups, targeting boys she finds attractive and crucifying them with special scissors. Danganronpa plays Genocide Jill mostly for laughs as an extreme example of fujoshi, so despite being an active serial killer, the rest of the cast just seems wary of her instead of outright terrified.

3. Ryūnosuke Uryū (Fate/Zero) Ryūnosuke was already a prolific serial killer before he decided to goof around with magic and call up an equally frightening servant. He targeted primarily women and children via home invasion but later sets up a lair with Caster to experiment creating "corpse art." Ryūnosuke's one of the scariest villains in anime because there is no logical back story explaining how he got the way he was and he was content murdering random people before he gained supernatural powers. He simply enjoys watching people die.

2. Dr. Kazutaka Muraki (Descendants of Darkness) Afflicted by the trauma of his mother's death at the hands of his brother, Dr. Muraki is on an unstoppable quest to resurrect his mother's killer so he can do the deed himself. He's sure the only way he can accomplish this is with Shinigami investigator Asato Tsuzuki's body, and so he goes on various murder sprees to attract Tsuzuki's attention. His characterization draws from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HYDE, playing the part of a good doctor by day but hiding a monstrous side.

1. Johan Liebert (Monster) A master manipulator and more twisted than a pretzel, Johan is all about manipulating others to do his dirty work for him. One of his earliest crimes was, as a child of barely 10, subtly manipulating a totalitarian run orphanage to break out into chaos until the staff and other children were dead. Johan had to do very little, instead sitting back and watching his pieces kill one another.

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When she isn't compiling lists of tropes, topics, and characters, Lynzee works as Associate Editor for Anime News Network, blogs about women and LBGT topics in anime and manga on her blog Engendered Dilemma, and posts pictures of her son on Twitter @ANN_Lynzee.

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