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7 of Hello Kitty's Most Expensive Accessories

by Lynzee Loveridge,

Hello Kitty is a cat, or a girl, or both that wants for nothing. She has her own pet cat and friends of all shapes and sizes. She's been to outer space and to countries all over the world. Collectors of Sanrio's popular mascot will quickly learn that keeping up with the mascot mogul will cost a pretty penny.

7. Gold Playing Cards (US$4,900) Hello Kitty might have the world's most expensive poker face. In 2007, Sanrio released a deck for card game enthusiasts and kawaii gamblers everywhere. Made of solid gold and measuring 58 x 89mm and seven microns thick, the 52-card deck cost 567,000 yen when it was released in 2007. Each of the face and Joker cards features Hello Kitty while the reverse has her and the Union Jack flag.

6. Robo-Kitty (US$6,300) In 2007, Sanrio debuted its own robot companion to keep kids and adults entertained. The Hello Kitty robot uses pre-recorded phrases and can distinguish between 10 registered individuals using voice and facial recognition. She can answer simple questions, sing a song, and even stump users with riddles. The robot was originally advertised as a companion for kids with busy parents who might be lonely, but this expensive babysitter is no longer on the market.

5. Lady Gaga Hello Kitty Doll (US$18,350) Lady Gaga's tour of Japan a surreal series of anime eye make-up, eerie life-size dolls, and appearances with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and SMAP. In the midst of her PR campaign for Artpop, Gaga was also gifted two original Hello Kitty dolls in her image. She kept one, while the other went to auction to highest bidder to raise money for the Tomodachi Stella Adler Performing Arts Fellowship. The auction brought in 2.26 million yen, making one eccentric Hello Kitty fan very happy.

4. Hello Kitty Fender Guitar (US$22,000) There are a couple varieties of official Hello Kitty guitars. Both Squier and Fender made mass-market versions that can still be found online for around US$300. However, Fender also produced an ultra-limited edition guitar for fans with more money than sense. The electric guitar was sold exclusively in Japan through Mitsukoshi Department Stores for 2,500,000 yen and features a sparkly take on the mascot's face.

3. Hello Kitty Crystal Dog House (US$31,660) In an attempt to appeal to the small demographic that carries their tiny dogs in their purse, Sanrio released an absurdly expensive dog bed. The canopy bed is adorned in crystals from top to bottom, even making Hello Kitty's face on the cushion. A total of 7,600 crystal beads drape from the top and is easily tells visitors that the buyer's pet is perfectly pampered. Like many of the items on the list, this bed was a limited edition created especially for an event at a Japanese department store. Shouldn't it be a cat bed though?

2. Super Hello Kitty Jewel Doll (US$121,800) Lady Gaga's doll might have belonged to a big-name pop star, but it wasn't encrusted in precious gemstones. At a height of 4.1-inches, this doll has over 200-carats worth of diamonds, white topazes, and pink sapphires covering its body. The doll was just another in a long-line of high-end Hello Kitty dolls. A jewel-encrusted "Queen Kitty" figure made for the 30th anniversary of Hello Kitty sold for 10.5 million yen (US$102,00). A less expensive platinum Hello Kitty was offered for sale that same year for 3 million yen (US$28,000). Another platinum Hello Kitty was valued at 18.9 million yen (US$163,000) in 2006, but its value has dropped with the price of platinum.

1. Mikimoto Jewelry (US$290,000) There's Hello Kitty fashion jewelry for every budget, and that includes "enough to buy a four-bedroom house" budget. High-end Japanese pearl jeweler Mikimoto collaborated with Sanrio in 2013 to create a 12-strand pearl necklace with 18K white gold, ruby, onyx and diamond accents. The jeweler created a whole collection with varying values, but the necklace stunner was by far the most expensive. The necklace is an interesting testament to the company's original creator, the man who invented pearl cultivation in the early 1900s.

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