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7 of Anime's Most Daring Getaway Drivers

by Lynzee Loveridge,

There are a few requirements for pulling off a successful heist and getting away with the goods. A crew usually includes a safe-cracker, the muscle for crowd control, a lookout, and a slick driver to outrun the coppers once things get hot. Getaway drivers don't get the glory of making off with millions, but their impressive stunts are coveted in their own right. Jason Statham launched a whole film career based on his high-octane driving abilities. The Fast and the Furious franchise continues to rake in box office dollars thanks to audience's insatiable desire for high-speed chases.

Ai (Cat's Eye) The youngest Kisugi sister is often left out by her high-flying art thief siblings, but the trio wouldn't be nearly as successful without her. Ai is their teenage getaway driver, but her skills go beyond just operating their missile-loaded racecar. Ai can also weave through the narrow streets on a BMX motorbike, pick her sisters up on the roof with a helicopter, or otherwise man any kind of getaway vehicle necessary. She's reliable, although sometimes her homework might get in the way of a mission, she'd much rather be in on the excitement than at home studying.

Bean Bandit (Riding Bean/Gunsmith Cats) Bean is a driver-for-hire, a no-questions-asked deliveryman with an impeccable success rate. Driving cars isn't just a job for him, it's a passion. He uses the resources from eluding authorities to maintain a fantasy-level garage of American muscle cars, and he completes most of his jobs driving a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang or a 1971 Mustang Mach 1. Bean is able to manipulate the vehicles to perform stunt-car level feats, although he isn't opposed to tweaking them to match his needs - like adding a bulletproof chassis.

Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon) A fan of all things fast (like the wind!), Haruka will literally run laps around her assailant, climb into her ridiculously expensive race car, motorcycle, or helicopter, and be gone (with the wind - I'm sorry). Frankly, the only fast thing Haruka doesn't seem to own is a speedboat. And maybe an ostrich. Otherwise, if she can race on it, she will. She's definitely the person to call when you need a quick exit, be it from a lame party or a pilfered jewelry store.

Speed (Speed Racer) Speed Racer and his trusty steed the Mach 5 have gotten themselves out of many tricky situations thanks in part to the car's gadgetry. The car has no less than eight buttons, each with a special feature to get its driver out of any conceivable jam. Saws, an underwater mode, improved jumping ability, and a homing robot are just few of the abilities Speed has access to during dangerous courses. I don't recommend including the "bonus" little brother and monkey that often come in the trunk.

Takumi Fujiwara (Initial D) Mountain terrain can't get between a man and his tofu. Takumi drifts through the treacherous passes of Mount Akina in his Toyota AE86 (sometimes referred to affectionately by fans as a "Hachi-Roku") at high speeds, literally cutting corners to get on the inside and in front of his opponents. Takumi could get anyone away from anything while taking a path pursuers couldn't easily follow, whether it's hairpin turns or drifting around tight corners in the European streets.

Kenji Hatano (Monkey Turn) Cars seem like the most obvious choice when trying to flee the scene, but what if you're in Miami, Venice, or some other water-logged destination? A speedboat manned by an experienced driver would be much better for making a hasty getaway. When it comes to water-based escapes, Kenji Hatano is the only man for the job. Kenji is the star of Monkey Turn, a simian-less series about hydroboat racing. Hydroboats are like F1-cars of the seas and some go really damn fast. The series' namesake is taken from a type of turn Kenji attempts to master in the series.

Rin Ogata (Rideback) Most transforming vehicle robots are huge and would become more conspicuous outside of their vehicle form. Rin's "Rideback" robot doesn't have that problem, combining a motorcycle with robot arms and the gear necessary to overthrow a corrupt politician. Rideback can weave like a motorcycle, grab obstacles that come into its path, and turn on a dime. Rin isn't the only pilot of one of these robots, but she's one of the best thanks to her years of experience in ballet.

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